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Cheap Birthday Party Supplies

It seems like all I’ve done is plan birthday parties this new year. My daughter turned 5 and we had her birthday party with her friends at Sto-Kent Family Entertainment.  My son turned 7 a few weeks later and he had a Akron Zoo Birthday Party. Then, we had a combined birthday party with all of our family. It’s been a fun, especially for kids.

I actually really enjoy planning birthday parties for my kids, I always have. I like to make it a really special day for my kids. Besides finding a location for the birthday party, the next most important thing is to decide a theme. We’ve had various themes including zoo animals, dinosaurs, castles, ballet, angry birds, and this year Ben 10 and Zebras. We went through this year for our goody bags, decor, and tableware. As you know, these items quickly add up so finding a one-stop shop with great prices is a huge deal!

Ben 10 Birthday Party

For Elijah’s birthday party, we chose the Ben 10 theme. He is way into Ben 10 and had a great selection to choose from. They had everything you could ever want including invitations, thank you cards, tableware, decorations, cake decorations, and goody bag items. I pick and choose what will be the most visible and enjoyable for the kids instead of buying everything.

picture of Ben 10 Birthday Party Supplies
Ben 10 Birthday Party Supplies

This is what we went with: Ben 10 Table Cover for the cake table ($2.97), Ben 10 Dinner Plates ($2.12), Ben 10 Napkins ($1.97), and Ben 10 Centerpiece that actually moves ($5.99). This combination really set the tone of the party, the boys were instantly drawn to the table to check everything out!

[slickr-flickr tag=ben10table]

Then, they started acting like they were Ben 10 characters and aliens.

picture of Ben 10 Birthday Party
Ben 10 Birthday Party

For the goody bags we choose the Ben 10 Favor Bags ($2.69), Ben 10 Disc Launchers ($2.99 for 4), Ben 10 Rubber Wristbands ($4.99 for 4). (Prices above are for 8 items each unless otherwise indicated.) I found the prices very affordable! The kids started playing with the Ben 10 toys right away. With all the action, I didn’t manage to capture any photos that weren’t blurry!

[slickr-flickr tag=discountpartyben10bags]

Zebra Birthday Party

Finding a birthday party theme for both boys and girls is getting more and more difficult as my kids grow older. One thing that they still really enjoy are animals. They chose a Zebra Birthday Party theme for their joint family birthday party. There cousins are between the ages of 1 and 12, so this theme seemed to fit best for them too.

First, we started off selecting our goody bag items. We chose the Wild Animals Masks ($3.80 for 12), Wild Animals Tattoos ($3.99 for 144), and Wild Animals Notebooks ($1.99 for 12).  Great prices for a LOT of goodies!

[slickr-flickr tag=zebragoodybag]

All the kids loved wearing their masks and wore them the majority of the party! They really got into character, pretending to be that animal! Of course the boys were the tigers and ran around roaring at the zebras and giraffes!

[slickr-flickr tag=zebramasks]

For carrying the Zebra theme throughout the party, we chose the Zebra dinner plates ($2.57 for 8), Zebra Napkins ($2.32 for 16), 3 Zebra Balloons ($4.74 each), and Zebra Pinata ($11.99). This combination really filled the party space and made it exciting! The zebra balloons were huge and such a hit. I didn’t realize they would be so big when I ordered them, the kids loved them! They are still floating in their bedrooms a week later!

[slickr-flickr tag=zebradecor]

The Zebra Pinata was a “smashing” hit with the kids! Whenever possible, it’s my thought that you should always have a pinata at your kids birthday party. It’s inexpensive and adds so much excitement! Kids love pinatas!

[slickr-flickr tag=zebrapinatta]

My thoughts on

We were very pleased with the birthday party themes on They have a great assortment of themes for girls and boys. The products we used were super fun and the prices can’t be beat.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to who provided the products for review.

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