Keeping Feet Warm and Dry All Year With Bogs

Each year for school Kelton will need both rain boot and snow boots. Last year we struggled as his rain boot was punctured and he snow boots were so hard to get on and off! At his school they are outside rain or shine, and with the weather here in Ohio good boots are a must have. After last years struggle I was determined to find something better for him. Find it I did! Bogs Footwear gave me my answer and a sigh of relief.


I love the grip on the soles of Bogs!
I love the grip on the soles of Bogs!

I received product to facilitate this post.

What are Bogs?

Bogs started out as the perfect footwear for farmers,ranchers and the like. They made a high quality, durable, insulated rubber boots made to withstand the worst of farming and more.  Word spread and soon people were buying Bogs for normal life activities.  Now Bogs make footwear for people of all ages, even the tots!

Why I Chose Bogs

By the end of last school year I noticed a few of the kids lived in these neoprene/rubber boots. I began to ask around and found out they were Bogs. I found these kids loved wearing Bogs and after a little research I understand why. They cover the needs and they look cool. Kelton picked out the Classic Skulls Kids’ Insulated Boots. He loves them in addition to keeping his feet dry, he says they are super comfortable on his feet.  It’s more then that though, as we approach the end of fall and beginning of winter the mornings are chilly here and will get cold fast. Kelton’s feet will be nice and warm in his Bogs.

Kelton loves wearing his Bogs every day.
Kelton loves wearing his Bogs every day.

Wonderful Warm Feet

Bogs are crafted from high quality, natural rubber for maximum durability and insulated with 7mm of their waterproof Neo-Tech™ and lined with Bogs Max-Wick moisture-wicking technology.  The easy pull-on handles are perfect for kids of all ages. The Bogs Classics that Kelton chose are rated to withstand sub-zero temps up to -30°F! They also contain DuraFresh odor protection insoles which is key with stinky boy feet. Measuring 10 inches tall, I know I don’t have to worry about puddles and our normal snow. So far this year its only gotten into the 40’s but Kelton hasn’t needed wool socks even when playing in tall grass at school in the mornings. His feet are warm and dry! Kelton’s only complaint is that some of the print on the rubber has worn off, not a big deal to me.

Starting the school year off with new Bogs for warm, dry feet.
Starting the school year off with new Bogs for warm, dry feet.

Buy a Pair

I know after reading this you can’t wait to put on your own pair of Bogs! You can buy your bogs below on Amazon, Online on Bogs Website,Or at other Outdoor Stores in your area.  Get a pair of Bogs and keep your feet warm and dry!

This was not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you Bogs Footwear for facilitating the product for this review.

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