How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers Forever

How organized are your kitchen drawers? Do you organize them and then find them totally disorganized the next day? I found a clever product at the International Home & Housewares Show this Spring by DrawerDecor. DrawerDecor Drawer Organizer System keeps all your drawers organized, even with multiple opening and closing of the drawer.

How DrawerDecor Works

DrawerDecor Drawer Organizer System Review

picture of drawerdecor Drawer Organizer System

 DrawerDecor Drawer Organizer System gives you the tools to organize your kitchen drawers and keep them that way! The food-grade non-slip basemat keeps everything in its place. Even after opening and closing your drawers multiple times, your items stay in their place.

DrawerDecor Drawer Organizer System comes in multiple colors to customize your drawers to match your kitchen style.

You can also use DrawerDecor Drawer Organizer System in your bathroom, office, garage, tool box, and other places with drawers.

I used DrawerDecor in my main kitchen cabinet utensils drawer. My drawer was actually larger than the mat, so it wasn’t a perfect fit but you can see how organized it makes kitchen utensils.

picture of drawerdecor Drawer Organizer System
DrawerDecor Drawer Organizer System

The divitz pieces are little dividers that you place snug against the items to keep them secure. Just having the base mat in the drawer is helpful, but for the best results, the divitz pieces are needed.

picture of drawerdecor Drawer Organizer System
DrawerDecor Drawer Organizer System

I tried the DrawerDecor in my smaller kitchen drawer that I use for serving utensils and it seemed a better fit. You can actually cut the DrawerDecor base mat to fit your drawer if it larger than your drawer. For me, this makes a HUGE difference in my kitchen. I especially like how nice it makes my serving utensils look – especially if guest reaches in the drawer to help during dinner! ūüôā

picture of drawerdecor Drawer Organizer System
DrawerDecor Drawer Organizer System

It really keeps utensils in place, creating much more organized kitchen drawers!

Buy DrawerDecor Drawer Organizer System

You can buy DrawerDecor Drawer Organizer System on the DrawerDecor website.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to DrawerDecor who provided us with the products  for review

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