Get this Durable Backpack Guaranteed to Last for Your Child

Lands' End ClassMate XL Backpack Review

Each year, I purchase a new backpack for my kids for school. Usually half way through the year, they need a new one but we make due until the end, if we can. Not any longer, I’ve found a backpack that is guaranteed to last. Lands’ End has the highest standard for quality and they guarantee their backpacks 100%.

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Get this Durable Backpack Guaranteed to Last for Your Kids

Since I know my kids’ Lands’ End backpacks are guaranteed to last, I made sure to pick a backpack that will hold all of their stuff this year and next. We chose the ClassMate XL Backpack, Lands’ End largest backpack, measuring measures 19″H x 13″W x 10″D; 2000 cu. in.

My son loves camo and he chose the Lands’ End ClassMate XL Black Camo Backpack. This backpack design and size will carry all of his school gear and sporting this year and in the future with such a style. I could easily see him using this same style while in college. Lands’ End is all about high quality and enduring styles that will last.

This backpack has many pockets to keep your child’s thing organized and easy to get to. The very front pocket is perfect for storing electronics, pens, erasers, calculators, phones, planners, notebooks, and other small items that they need to reach in a hurry.

The very large opening of the backpack can hold a LOT. Right now he has a large trapper keeper in it and a few folders. His lunch bag is also in the pocket but you can’t see it in this picture because it is at the bottom.  There is also an external strap on the front of the backpack to secure a lunch bag if you’d like. This backpack opens from the top, not the side, making it very secure. I know we won’t have to worry about zippers busting this year.

There are two side pockets that zip completely closed so you can secure items you want to reach in a hurry like a phone, pencil case, calculator, etc. They also unzip to accommodate a large water bottle with additional strap on top to keep it secure. I love pockets that can be used multiple ways.

Although this backpack holds a lot of stuff, the oversize style isn’t bulky, heavy, or uncomfortable. Lands’ End put a lot of effort into comfort with padded shoulder straps and back panels. The padded shoulder straps are securely stitched so they won’t fall apart from dragging, tugging, and other wear-and-tear abuse kids put their backpacks through!  The straps are adjustable for the perfect fit depending on your child’s height and the amount of stuff in their bags. There is an adjustable sternum strap to manage weight distribution and keep the backpack secure.

Notice the reflective trim on the straps too, Lands’ End thought of everything in this backpack.  My son is using the black camo, it is also available in orange and blue.

ClassMate XL Camo Backpack Lands' End

There are so many styles to choose from for both boys and girls in the ClassMate XL size. Pick one that is perfect for your child, as it reflects their interest and style at school. My son’s backpack tells everyone that he’s an outdoors type of kid that loves nature, camo, and adventure.

Lands' End ClassMate XL Backpack

My daughter carries more than just school supplies in her backpack to school. She carries her tablet, phone, extra journals and notebooks, toys, and games. She loves to be prepared and have enough things to share with friends on the bus. She’s always been that way.  There were times last year that she has so much in her backpack that she had to carry her lunch bag and extra binders because they wouldn’t fit in her backpack! Although she is in elementary school,  she meets the 4’6″ and up suggestion for this bag size, we chose the ClassMate  XL for her as well.

Elizabeth’s backpack is the Turquoise Ombre ClassMate XL.  Just like her brother’s, this backpack has a large front pocket for items she needs to reach quickly like her chrome book that easily slides inside the pocket. School just started so it is pretty empty so far but I know this will be her favorite spot for notebooks, special pens, lip gloss, tablet, phone, candy, and items she wants to share with friends on the bus.

Girls Lands' End ClassMate XL Backpack Review

She will be carrying binders, folders, notebooks, jacket and her lunch bag in the large open area. Below, she has just a folder, notebook, and her lunch bag (the pink peeking out below). It is a very large opening, making it very easy for kids to pack and access their belongings.  I love that Lands’ End put a lot of effort in making this backpack durable with 600-denier polyester and water-repellent finish throughout and extra durable 1200 denier pack cloth!

She also uses one of the side pockets for a water bottle and the other for snacks.

The padded straps are really nice for her as she likes to really load up her backpack with extra weight. It isn’t uncommon for her to have 3 extra books that she’s reading for fun with her plus all of her school work, gym uniform, lunch bag, jacket, etc. The padded straps and adjustable sternum strap is helpful with weight distribution and comfort.

There are many cute styles for girls in the ClassMate XL style including prints and solid colors.

Lands' End ClassMate XL Backpack for girlsMy kids are ready for school with their Lands’ End backpacks. They love the styles as they reflect their personalities perfectly. You can also personalize Lands’ End backpacks with monograms, names, and embroidery for an even more custom style.

Personalize the backpack with custom embroidered patches. You can create patches in a variety of designs and shapes to adorn your child’s backpack. The patches with the child’s name can be customized to prevent confusion with other people’s backpacks when participating in various activities, which can be both beautiful and practical. Children can also participate in the process of designing custom patches. This is a great way to show off your child’s personality and what she loves.

Investing in a Lands’ End ClassMate XL backpack is worth it. Honestly, it is only a few dollars more than the backpacks I’ve purchased over previous years at the department store only to wear out 1/2 way through the year. Lands’ End guarantees their products with their Guaranteed. Period.® policy.  washed, worn, even embroidered, return it at any time for an exchange or full refund. They stand behind their products which makes me trust their products and my purchase.

Check out all the sizes and styles of Lands’ End backpacks here for every age starting at $29.00.

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