Enjoy the Health Benefits & Taste of Manuka Honey 

Do you know the benefits of honey? Specificlaly, manual honey? Not only does it taste delicious but it provides more of what our bodies need to boost immunity and overall wellness. As our kids head back to school and cold & flu season inches their way toward us, now is the time to start enjoying the pure goodness that our bodies need and desire.This is a sponsored post.

Manuka Honey is so rare, it can only be harvested for two to eight weeks each year. I’ve been introduced to one of the leading companies that harvest manuka honey,  New Zealand Honey Co. They are wellness experts and consider their worker bees as a key asset to their team.

My family enjoys eating honey as a natural sweetener over sugar in many recipes.  It’s a great alternative that adds sweetness and flavor that we love.  I also love that we are enjoying manuka honey more since we use it as a sweetener and not just a spread on biscuits like I was used to as a kid.
UMF™ 10+ for kids, teens, young adults, and families. great in beverages such as herbal drinks and smoothies, as a salad dressing or glaze, in marinades and BBQs, and so much more. It can be used to support minor cuts and abrasions, to help with acne breakouts, for face masks, or even just eating a spoonful a day.

Manuak honey isn’t just a sweet treat, not at all. It has some really notable health benefits that all of us can use including gastrointestinal, immune support, skincare, haircare, first-aid, wound care, and oral health. My son had a scratchy throat earlier this week and said that just eating this honey helped but also when he put it in hot tea.

With New Zealand Honey Co, you know you are getting 100% authentic Manuka honey. It is independently tested and certified with a testing certificate QR code on every jar.

They have a variety of manuka honey options available including UMF 26 – one of the rarest superfoods on the planet!

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