Fashion Playtes Summer Fashion for Girls Review

Fashion Playtes has extended their line of fashion with a stylish line of customizable Summer Fashion for Girls. Your daughter can create her own custom tee, tunic top, romper, camisole, empire waist dress, tier skirt, lounge set, swing tank, elastic waist dress, and even fun accessories like fringe scarves. There is still plenty of summer for your daughter to enjoy these fashions. With higher than average temperatures expected in Ohio through October, the Fashion Playtes Summer Fashion line is perfect for back-to-school shopping as well.

Fashion Playtes Summer Fashion for Girls

My 5 year old daughter was able to check out the Fashion Playtes Summer Fashion Line with two new summer pieces.  She browsed through their website and selected the Elastic Waist Dress and the Babydoll Camisole.

Elizabeth loves designing her own clothing. When she sets her mind to it, she can’t even be purswayed to change it. For the Elastic Waist Dress, she chose the color Bright Rose. It is also available in Peri Blue.  Sizes range from 6-14. This is an adorable, comfortable dress that can be worn all summer long, and into the fall with a pair of leggings.

picture of Girls design their own clothing with Fashion Playtes
Girls design their own clothing with Fashion Playtes

The dress is made of a soft, textured cotton that adds style to this simple dress, for just $20.  Your daughter can dress this dress up to be as stylish as she would like. Customize the dress with designs around the collar, on the sleeves, the center, and several places at the bottom hem. For the collar,  sleeves, and bottom hem, your daughter can add clear rhinestones, Elizabeth chose not to. There are 202 different designs to choose from for the center of the dress.  Elizabeth chose to add the medium pink heart, a $6 add-on.

picture of Heart design on custom dress
Heart design on custom dress

On the bottom hem, you can add a 1 of 18 different underlay materials or above that, a line of 1 of 6 different lace materials.  On the back, your daughter can either add the FP label or customize their very own. When you are done designing your custom dress, you can preview it on the screen before you buy it.

It is a very comfortable dress, great for active outings this summer, like our trip to Downtown Cleveland last week.

picture of Customized Empire Waist Dress for Girls
Customized Empire Waist Dress for Girls

Next, Elizabeth chose to make her very own Babydoll Camisole.  It comes in pale pink, peri Blue, and pale yellow, she chose pale pink.  Each color comes with a coordinating color for the neck and shoulder trim. For the pale pink, it comes with a darker pink as the trim.

Doesn’t Elizabeth look like a rock star?!

picture of Customized Babydoll Camisole
Customized Babydoll Camisole

Time to customize! You can add rhinestones around the collar and bottom trim. Elizabeth choose to add the clear rhinestones on the bottom trim of the shirt.

picture of Clear Rhinestones on Customized Camisole
Clear Rhinestones on Customized Camisole

Next, you can add 1 of 16 different trim and lace options around the waist of the shirt. Elizabeth chose not to do this. At the center of the shirt, Elizabeth chose a darling flower. This was 1 of 139 different emblems you can choose from!

picture of Embroidered Flower on Camisole
Embroidered Flower on Camisole

Like I said, my daughter loves creating her own clothing with Fashion Playtees. At only 5 years old, she knows how to use the mouse, and the system is easy to navigate.  I recommend Fashion Playtees for girls ages 6- teens!


This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to FashionPlaytes who provided us with the gift cards for review.

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