This NATURAL Cleaner is as Effective as Conventional Cleaners without Chemicals

We all want a clean, safe home. Sadly, most of the products on the market that are used for cleaning use dangerous chemicals. I’ve just found an amazing product that cleans basically everything without harmful chemicals.  Force of Nature cleans is as powerful as bleach – with stats to prove it – and is 100% free of toxic chemicals! I am been using it for the past several weeks on every part of my home and couldn’t be more pleased!

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Force of Nature Natural Cleaner

I’m all for using natural products, as long as they are effective. There are many on the market that just don’t work as well as conventional cleaners, especially if you are cleaning things like soap scum, grease, stains, or results of well water.  I’ve found an excellent cleaner that does an amazing job on everything I’ve used it on. I love that it is all natural and chemical free. I also love the fact that I can use just one simple cleaning product all over the house!

It works great on grease and stainless steel – like my indoor grill cover that always gets greasy!

It is great to deodorize anything, a quick spray gets your garbage cans smelling better!

It works as a shower cleaner – even with nasty well water like mine.

Force of Nature uses “electrolyzed water” with a special technology that cleans grease, soap scum, glass, and odors. It does all of this but it is so safe and gentle that you can even use it on your baby’s pacifier without needing to rinse! Amazing, right?!

Force of Nature comes with a special activator bottle, activator capsules, and base. Add water and activator capsule to the bottle.

Next, turn the base on. The base will electrolyze the water. Using electricity, salt, water, and vinegar, Force of Nature produces a chemical free product that kills 99.9% of germs! The base will then electrolyze the water for about 5 minutes, then it is good to use for 2 weeks.

You can clean glass, stainless steel, soap scum in the shower, tube, or sink, rugs, furniture, clothing, sports gears, shoes, and grease and oil.

You can even deodorize the trash can, diaper pail, litter box, shoes, dog beds, and athletic gear.

You can spray it anywhere there is odor, anywhere your dog feels like snoozing! It is 100% safe to use around pets and children.

This product is so safe that you can even use it to clean your baby or children’s gear including pacifiers, highchairs, bibs, toys, stroller, car seats, and more.

Don’t take my word that it works, just look at this natural product compared to conventional cleaning products.

If you are looking for an effective natural cleaner with no toxic chemicals, no dyes, no fragrance, no allergens, and no irritants, check out Force of Nature. You can purchase it on the Force of Nature website. For readers, use the Force of Nature Coupon Code to get $35 off!

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