How to Hook Up Your Fridge Water Line with Distillata in Ohio

distillata installs water line for refrigerator water and ice akron ohio

Thinking about upgrading your refrigerator with a water dispenser or ice maker but concerned about water quality? Whether you’re dealing with city water or hesitating because of well water, setting up a water line might seem daunting. Luckily, with Distillata’s help, serving Northeast Ohio since 1897, the process is straightforward and professional.

Installing a water line involves connecting your refrigerator to your home’s water system—a task that sounds complicated but can be smoothly handled with the right expertise. Distillata’s professionals will evaluate your kitchen layout, determine the most effective route for the water line, and manage the installation from start to finish, ensuring everything is functional and safe from any potential water damage.

Why Choose Professional Installation?

Opting for professional installation for your water line and RO system has numerous advantages. It avoids the pitfalls of DIY projects such as leaks or incorrect setups. For me, they connected it right to my reverse osmosis system, bringing everything they needed to do this.

Distillata’s experts ensure flawless installation, giving you peace of mind along with superior water quality.

Even if you don’t choose an RO system immediately, having a professionally installed water line to your refrigerator is wise. It prepares your kitchen for any future upgrades and ensures seamless integration when you decide to install an RO system.

Considering Water Quality: The Role of Reverse Osmosis

Water quality is a significant concern, especially for those of us with less-than-ideal well water or city water worries. In my personal experience, A reverse osmosis (RO) system from Distillata can dramatically enhance your water by removing up to 99% of contaminants. This purification not only improves taste but ensures safety. For me, it was a transformative experience; having previously doubted the feasibility of a fridge water dispenser due to our poor well water, the RO system changed everything, allowing us to enjoy fresh, clean water daily directly from our fridge.

If you’re in NE Ohio and considering adding a refrigerator water line, trust the experts at Distillata to do the job right. With over a century of experience and a commitment to quality, they make the installation process painless and the results rewarding. Plus, they have a solution for you if your water quality isn’t where you’d like it to be. Don’t let concerns about water quality hold you back from enjoying the convenience and benefits of refrigerated water and ice at home!

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