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Many of us are trying to go natural and it makes sense to watch what we put into our bodies. This includes personal care items too, not just food. Products made with natural ingredients have come a long way – you won’t miss the chemicals when the results are just as effective. I’ve sampled a few Wellnesse items that I’ve had really good results with and would like to share with you in case you are looking to go more natural with your personal care items as well!

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When it comes to my hair, I’m particular with my shampoo and conditioner, if it doesn’t clean and nourish, I refuse to use it. I’ve tried other natural products that I just didn’t feel like it cleaned my hair. I want my hair to feel and look clean. I love love love that Wellnesse Cleansing Shampoo lathers up and smells amazing. My hair feels clean and healthy after just using it once! My hair feels lighter (probably from the clarifying) and is squeaky clean.

I’m even more particular with my conditioner. I’m really enjoying the Nourishing Conditioner from Wellnesse. It wraps around every strand of hair and nourishes it. Seriously, my hair has never felt so moisturized and healthy. I just with the bottle was triple the size because I have long really thick hair and use a lot of conditioner!   That being said, I noticed that with the shampoo a little goes a long way. The conditioner is average for what I use normally.

Even more important, to me, is my toothpaste. I love that Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste has NO harsh chemicals and is Glycerin-Free. We need to be careful what we use in our mouth – for kids as well. I like the taste, texture, and clean after feeling this toothpaste gives me. I also like that it is a natural whitening toothpaste as it is not harsh and didn’t cause any tooth sensitivity that other whitening toothpastes has for me.

Get started with Wellnesse with their starter kit that includes everything above. This is a quick and easy way to start going more natural in your personal care.

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