Grilling Temperature Fork to beat All Others – for one simple feature

picture of Using CDN TempFork

Have you had them? Have you gotten them as gifts?  Temperature Forks for outdoor grilling can be nice, but, honestly, they can a little complicated.  Certainly my husband is the griller in our house, and should be able to handle a gadget with 3 buttons but, I found him a product that really knocked his socks off because of its simplicity.

The TempFork Thermometer from CDN is a temperature Fork.  It has two prongs, a digital read out, holds ten pounds, has a light, beeper, is heat resistant yada yada yada – what you expect.  But the interface for figuring out how to use it is slick.

Why I prefer the CDN TempFork over Other Grilling Thermometer Forks

  • It’s connected to my iPad
  • Its Wireless
  • It has a Camera that watches it for you
  • No no no! It’s not super high tech! Just EASY!
picture of Using CDN TempFork
Using CDN TempFork

The TempFork is operated with an awesome rotary switch that selects the target temperature.  I can’t tell you how awesome it is to not have to fuss with small digital calculator-like buttons,  with beeps and buzzes that don’t mean anything, but to feel a physical, rotating switch in your hand – often when your hands are covered in some type of meat by-product (ewww)  its invaluable.  Have I said enough?

picture of The Rotary DIal on the TempFork makes Target Temperature Selection Easy
The Rotary DIal on the TempFork makes Target Temperature Selection Easy

Buy the TempFork Grilling Thermometer from CDN

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to CDN who provided the product for review.

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