Have Fun Playing WuzzIts With Your Little Monsters

My kids LOVE games, and a game that makes them laugh, smile and even grosses them out a little makes it even more fun. WuzzIts from Blue Orange Games is the perfect game for any kid who loves to create or has an active imagination.

Claire and Grace love playing games before bed.
Claire and Grace love playing games before bed.

I received product to facilitate this post. 

WuzzIts from Blue Orange Game is Fun for Everyone

WuzzIts is a simple game easy to play for children. This game is recommended for ages 6 and up, however my youngest, Claire could play it when she was 4. It is a simple matching game in which each player is dealt 4 Wuzz (heads) cards and 4 Its (bottoms) cards.

Each player has a WuzzIt Wall to block other players from seeing their cards. Once each player receives their cards, they can flip them over and create mix and match monsters. The goal of the game is to trade cards with each other, or pick up a new card from the draw pile in order to make 3 complete matching monsters. Whoever makes all 3 matches first wins.

Have fun creating your own Mix n Match monsters with WuzzIts!
Have fun creating your own Mix n Match monsters with WuzzIts!

WuzzIts can be played with 2-4 players and is easy enough for young kids to play on their own. Sometimes I find my girls just making the silliest looking monsters they possibly can. I’m sure that our family will be bringing this game along with us during any of our summer travels and camping trips. It is small and easy to throw in any bag or purse to keep your kids entertained even at restaurants!

Find out where you can purchase WuzzIts and other Blue Orange Games near you with this handy store locator, or buy it online on Amazon. With a price point under $20, WuzzIts is a great game for the whole family or for a gift for any occasion.

This is not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you Blue Orange Games for providing the product for this review.


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