Healthy Summer Snacking Made Easy!

Summer provides ample opportunities to snack. It is up to you whether your family enjoys healthy, all-natural snacks or not. Keep healthy snacks on hand and your whole family will eat healthier all summer. The key is that the snacks need to be tasty too! Check out a few healthy snack options that my family 100% approves below. All of them are gluten-free and low carb too!

Oh Snap!

My family loves pickles, they are a tasty snack with 0 carbs which is important to us because my kids are type one diabeticssometimes we need low carb. Until now, pickles were an at-home snack because they just aren’t really portable. Oh Snap! Pickling Co. has changed how we snack on pickles!

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Oh Snap! are individually wrapped pickles and other vegetables that are easy to take with you on a road trip, to a BBQ, on a picnic, a hike, or anywhere!  Choose from whole pickles or bites in several different flavors. My kids love that they can now enjoy crunchy pickles anywhere. They do snap when you bite them, not soggy as you might expect. That aren’t messy either as there is no added brine.

They also carry individually wrapped veggies including Cool Beans, Carrot Cuties, Pretty Peas, and Hoppin’ Jalapeños for a tasty, healthy snack anywhere you go.

Ohio Made Wholly Rollies & Nut Butter

Crazy Richard’s is a Dublin, Ohio all natural peanut butter and ready-to-eat gluten-free snack company.  Their Wholly Rollies are 5-ingredient bite size protein ball snacks your kids will love.We were able to sample the PB & Strawberry Wholly Rollies protein balls to try. They are like a little pb&j ball of flavor! This is the perfect size bag to take with you to the zoo, road trip, or park for an energizing snack anywhere you go. Each serving has 3 grams of protein to keep you fueled longer which means you can keep up with your kids and they may whine less about how far you are walking, etc. 🙂 Serve them room temp or frozen for a cold treat this summer.

Like I said, Crazy Richard’s is an Ohio-based company, it is also woman-owned! Yay! We love peanut butter as a snack, on toast, as a pb&j sandwich, on celery sticks, and of course in smoothies and bakery!

Look how creamy and delicious this 100% peanut peanut butter is. Yum!  BTW, did you know that studies show that if you introduce peanut butter to babies 4-6 month old, it reduces their chance of developing a peanut allergy by 70-80%?!?!? Give those babies some peanut butter!

I haven’t found an almond butter that I really love…until now. Crazy Richard’s Almond butter is crazy good! I love the flavor – again 100% almonds with nothing added.

Top it with Protein!

Protein really is an awesome way to snack as it keeps you feeling full longer and gives you much-needed energy to keep up with your busy life and kids! Protein Toppers use plant protein to add flavor and 15-17 grams of plant protein to your diet – whether you munch on it alone or use it as a topper.

There are several varieties to choose from (above) with some better paired with different types of food better than other types. For instance, you can add Protein Toppers to your soups, salads, yogurt, wraps, stir-fry, smoothies, and more. If you choose the single-serve packs, there is a lot in them! Depending on what you plan to top, it could serve more than just one.

This naturally gluten-free food is also low carb and high fiber, making it a perfect addition to your summer snacking schedule. You can even use it to top summer’s favorite dessert – ice cream!

I hope this post gave you some ideas on healthy snacks for your family this summer!

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