Kidorable Dinosaur Towel Review

picture of Kidorable Dinosaur Towel on 5 year old

My 5 year old son loves Dinosaurs and acting like a dinosaur. The Kidorable Dinosaur Towel is a huge hit with Elijah! The towel is very well made with extra attention to details over the entire towel. The stitching and embroidery is very well crafted and secure.  The hood of the towel is a dinosaur head with embroidered, detailed eyes and triangle teeth hanging on the edges ready to playfully devour its prey, usually a kid sister. On the 4 feet of the dinosaur are bright orange claws that kids can stick their hands in like gloves, not a necessary feature for towels but a great add-on for play time! There are orange spikes on this dinosaurs back.

picture of Kidorable Dinosaur Towel in character
Kidorable apparel encourages big imaginations
picture of Kidorable Dinosaur Towel in character
Eljiah has fun with his Kidorable Dinosaur Towel!

I recommend Kidorable Towels

I highly recommend Kidorable Towels. Every kid should have a special towel, especially when going to the beach or pool. Elijah loves this towel and request it every time. When we went to the pool, he got lots of compliments on his towel, which he ‘roared at’!  People love it and say they’ve never seen anything like it. I love that this towel is so much fun, it builds imagination and creativity while keeping my son warm and dry.

Buy Kidorable Towels

These quality towels come in two sizes, newborn to two years, and ages three to six. Price: $33.00 You can purchase on the Kidorable website.

More on Kidorable

Kidorable has a motto of transforming everyday, functional kids accessories into objects that excite their imaginations and enrich their lives during play. This motto rings true throughout heir amazing product line.

Kidorable was developed when Liping and Jonathan Domsky declared that there needs to be children’s apparel that is both functional and fun. We are all glad that they went right to work and continue to add new styles to their collection. The styles are fun and playful. Each style for boys and girls has matching products in about every category. Your kid could transform into a Space Hero, Butterfly Princess, Dinosaur, Cat, Fireman, Pirate, Zoo animals and more with any of the following products:

Kids Umbrellas, Rain Coats, Kids Raincoat Line, Kids Rain Boots, Kids Backpacks, Kids Towels, Kids Sun Hats, Embroidered Kids T-Shirts, Knit Hats, Kids Scarf Line, Knit Gloves, Kids Gloves and Mittens Line, Kids Hangers, Bookends

Kidorable Website

The Kidorable website is more than a product pages and a shopping cart! They do offer all of their amazing products on their website with free shipping on orders $100 and up. They also have great promotions on their website. If you need help picking out a gift for a child, use the easy Kidorable Gift Finder.  When you sign your kids up for their birthday club, they will receive a free gift and special offers.  Kidorable is giving you the opportunity to get a special code for a free umbrella when you follow them on Twitter.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Kidorable who supplied the product for review.

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10 thoughts on “Kidorable Dinosaur Towel Review

  1. Rosey says:

    The price is kind of steep, but if the quality is high, I can see justifying it. I can also see my son running around in it, much like Elijah, your son is doing, lol. Thank you for the review!

  2. Amy says:

    Looks like he loves it! My son is super into Dinosaurs right now & would flip if he saw this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kelly Deaton says:

    Looks like he loves it! My son is super into Dinosaurs right now & would flip if he saw this! Thanks for sharing!

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