Kuru Footwear Insight Travel Shoe Review

picture of Kuru Insight Grip Bottom

When going on vacation, packing your clothing and shoes can become a challenge. Typically, there is only room for 1 or possibly 2 pairs of shoes per person. Packing a shoe that is versatile to take you from hiking, to the theme park, to the city is nearly impossible. Finding a shoe that will provide you support for the varying terrain is even harder.

I suffer from aching feet that hurt daily. I am a very active mom of 2 kids that love the outdoors. We find ourselves hiking in the woods almost daily. Mistakenly, I’ve worn old, worn out shoes for such hikes, leaving my feet very sore. Even my daily shoes were not giving me the support I need. Being a lady with a size 11 shoe adds to my shoe nightmare. Even if I could find a good shoe, they wouldn’t have my size.

Say goodbye to tired, aching feet

I couldn’t be more pleased to tell you about a line of shoes with a break-through technology that will provide your feet with support you’ve never had. Kuru Footwear has patent-pending technology that adapts to your unique feet.  Kuru is the only shoe that gives your feet the support likened to custom orthotics, without the expense of hundreds of dollars. Kuru combines that with their KururSole™ midsole that actually molds to the unique shape of your foot.
Feet that are not properly supported is the cause of not only sore feet but also knee, hip, and back pain. I also suffer from back pain, I’m interested in seeing if these shoes can improve this for me in the weeks to come. What makes Kuru Footwear remarkably different than any other shoe you’ve worn is that  their footwear is designed by a team of Podiatrists, Certified Pedorthists (those that make orthotics), Physical Therapists and Footwear Specialists.

Review of Kuru Footwear Insight Travel Shoe

My family loves the outdoors. We live near a national park, so we are always out exploring on uneven and sometimes rough terrain. I was thrilled to review the Kuru Footwear Insight Travel Shoes. Having a shoe that provides support and comfort while out in the woods is not only nice to have but much safer as well.  As you can see, I’m all about safety as my 4 year old daughter rock slides behind me in the picture below.

picture of Kuru Women’s Insight Travel Shoes for Hiking
Kuru Women’s Insight Travel Shoes for Hiking

Like many people, I resist wearing new, white shoes out in the messy world. However, that’s what Kuru Footwear is designed for – the fun adventures from hiking to shopping in the city! What is a travel shoe review without some serious testing out of the shoes? I wore my Kuru Insight shoes to a national park and was very pleased with the stability I felt wearing them and how easy they are to wipe clean. The beautiful white and gray leathers are made from hides sourced from the USA. The style is versatile to match your decor and activities from hiking to shopping. This versatility is crucial when traveling.


The Kuru Insight has grip. Notice the bumpy bottom of the shoe below. The high traction rubber provides excellent traction on any surface.

picture of Kuru Insight Grip Bottom
Kuru Insight Grip Bottom

I’ve worn these several times at the ledges, a park in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park known for step cliffs, ledges, and very rocky terrain. I felt very sure-footed with the Insight shoes on compared to previous hikes there.

picture of Kuru Insight Footwear is excellent on uneven terrain
Kuru Insight Footwear is excellent on uneven terrain

Since it is still cooler here in Ohio, I haven’t been able to experience the moisture wicking lining or the breathable mesh toe & tongue that the Insight provides. I’m sure this will be a huge feature in the coming warmer months.


Since these travel shoes are so versatile, I’ve been wearing them daily for the past couple weeks for the review and just because they are so comfortable.  They are lightweight with support that I’ve not found in other sneakers, hiking shoes, or walking shoes.

From the moment you slip your feet into the Kuru Insight shoes, you’ll feel the difference. It’s a little odd at first but your feet quickly adjusts (and will thank you later). The patent pending fit molds to the contours of your foot. This provides you custom support that adjusts with each step you take. I feel very balanced and centered when wearing these shoes. Kuru Insight provides support from your heel, to your arch, to the ball of your feet. The Kuru Insight can take you anywhere your adventure leads.

picture of Best Travel Shoe Kuru Insight
Best Travel Shoe Kuru Insight

Buy Kuru Insight Travel Shoes

You can buy the Kuru Insight shoes for men and women or any of their other anatomical active footwear on the Kuru Website. The Women Insight shoes comes in sizes 6- 12, including half sizes for $99.97.  They come with White and Fuschia Pink shoe laces to add more versatility. I was thrilled to find a shoe that fit, especially since I ordered a size 11-1/2, the first time I’ve ever found this size available.

Not sure about buying shoes online? Kuru knows that sometimes the shoe doesn’t fit. They offer 100% FREE EXCHANGES, they pay standard shipping, both ways, on all exchanges from 35 days of purchase. Plus, if you don’t like your shoes, you may return if not satisfied in new condition, just pay return shipping fees.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Kuru who provided the product for review.

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