Let Your Stress Fly Away with Bed Of Nails

As parents I feel like we are constantly doing our best to balance our schedules, this can be stressful to say the least. Bed of Nails gives you the benefits of acupressure in the comfort of your own home. Insomnia, muscle tension, depression, and even sickness can all be caused by stress, Bed Of Nails is a great way to relieve that stress. Not only the benefits of acupressure, but forcing yourself to take some alone time to really focus on simply relaxing will have a great benefit mentally.

Bed of Nails works similarly to acupuncture, the pressure of the curved “nails” on your skin may help release endorphins, which gives a sense of happiness, pain relief and energy, you may also release oxytocin, which gives a calming effect helping you feel relaxed.

Remove the pad out of your Bed of Nails mat to put the cover on any chair or couch you find comfortable.
Remove the pad out of your Bed of Nails mat to put the cover on any chair or couch you find comfortable.

I received product to facilitate this post.

Acupressure Treatment At Home

The bed of nails has been around for thousands of years. This modern reinvention of the Bed Of Nails mat and pillow have made it popular in it’s Swedish homeland over a period of 3 years. Almost 10% of Sweden’s population now own this type of mat, Bed of Nails has been featured on shows like Dr. Oz,  and The Today Show.

Bed of Nails is meant to be used for 15-20 minutes at a time, relieving stress, insomnia (the mat puts most people to sleep after a few minutes), helps with focus, improved circulation and pain relief. With 8220 acupressure points, Bed of Nails is an effective tool to help you relax when you can’t do it alone. Bed of Nails has been known to help with the following:

-Increase in energy level

-Reduce blood pressure

-Relieves tension and muscle aches

-Alleviates headache

-Relieves chronic neck and back pain

-Benefits weight loss by reducing cortisol levels


Every individual reacts to Bed of Nails differently and the effects may vary. Recently I found myself waking up to a terrible headache, I noticed it was causing me to have a short temper with my kids. There is nothing like your children screaming while playing at the same time that you have a pounding headache! My daughters actually suggested that I try out my Bed of Nails and I definitely noticed a more relaxed feeling which in turn helped ease some of the pain from my headache.

Bed of Nails is used by a variety of athletes, performers and actors and actresses like Hilary Swank, Owen Wilson,  and Dustin Hoffman to name a few. Bed of Nails comes in both pink and green and would look great in any home gym or yoga room.

You can purchase Bed of Nails mats and pillows separately and the pillow can also be used as a foot rest to relieve aching feet. Bed of Nails would be an awesome gift for that person in your life that deserves to take a break and relaxBed of Nails mat and pillow can be purchased at a price of $99.95 online at www.bedofnails.org  and on Amazon.

This is not a paid post. All views and opinions are my own. Thank you Bed of Nails for providing the product for review.

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