Mattel’s New Robotic Interactive Toy for Girls: Fijit Friends Review

Introducing the toy that will be on every girls’ wish list this year, Fijit Friends. Mattel’s new robotic interactive toy for girls, Fijit Friends are like nothing I’ve seen before. They are squishy, adorable creatures with their own personality and the ability to make kids and grown ups alike laugh! Fijit Friends move and grove to music they play or you play as well as interact with you with more than 150 phrases. What makes this robotic toy even more fun is it’s sense of humor and ability to make you laugh.

picture of Fijit Friends Willa and Sage
Fijit Friends Willa and Sage

Fijit Friends Playdate Premiere Party

We were lucky enough to host a Fijit Friends Playdate Premiere Party with Elizabeth’s friends. This toy is intended for ages 6 -tweens. Elizabeth is almost 5 and had friends from ages 4-9 attend the party, they all had a fun time. The 9 year old was able to take charge and use Fijit Friends right away.

picture of Fijit Friends Party
Fijit Friends Party

We started the party off with using the dance feature where Fijit Friends would play and dance to their own tunes. They play a variety of music styles and dance differently to each type of music. It is quite amusing to watch the Fijit Friends dance all around, jiggling their bodies. Next, we played our own tunes, the Fijit Friends danced and grooved the entire time the music was playing.

picture of Dancing with Fijit Friends
Dancing with Fijit Friends

Fijit Friends Video


Fijit Friends Review

Our kids enjoyed dancing around the silly robotic toys. After we had the girls dance with the Fijit Friends, and we parents were chatting away, the kids continued playing and giggling with Fijits Friends Willa and Sage. They were having so much fun being silly. One of the mom’s said that when she first approached Willa, she said, “You are looking fantastic today.” She said she wouldn’t mind carrying Willa around with her! LOL This is a toy that is engaging and fun for girls of all ages, truth be told, boys might think it’s fun too, possibly the Logan Fijit that is blue.

We were able to give away one Fijit Friend, Sage to a lucky winner at the party. Katie won and couldn’t be happier to share with her sister!

picture of Fijit Friends Winner Announced
Fijit Friends Winner Announced
picture of Fijit Friends Winner
Fijit Friends Winner

Buy Fijit Friends

There are 4 Fijit Friends to choose from, Sage, Willa, Serafina, and Logan. You can buy all on Mattel’s website as well as

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Mattel Fijit Friends and received coupons and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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