Easy Way to Keep Floors Clean – Rejuvenate Click n Clean Review

Are you finding it hard to find time to keep your floors clean this summer? Just wait until the hectic back-to-school season begins! I’ve found a convenient new floor cleaning system that makes keeping your floors cleaner with Rejuvenate Click n Clean. I can sweep or ‘dust’ with the dusting cloth, or wet-clean with the scrubbing cloth – or get serious and deep clean the grout with the grout brush. It’s all in this easy-to-use system.

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Rejuvenate Click n Clean Review


Everything you need to quickly and easily clean your floors can be achieved with the Rejuvenate Click n Clean mop system. Everything you see below comes included!

It is easy to switch between the dusting micro cloth, scrubbing mop cloth, and grout brush. I use the dusting microfiber cloth daily for dusting/sweeping my floors. It does an amazing job picking up dirt and especially dog hair!! I had no idea how dirty my floors really were until I started using the microfiber cloth – ordinary sweeping doesn’t pick up as much as the Rejuvenate microfiber cloth.

When I use a traditional mop and bucket of soapy water, I mop my floors infrequently. Who has time to lug all of that around?! Mopping my floors isn’t a big deal with the Rejuvenate Click n Clean mop system. It is seriously as quick and easy as sweeping. My kids can even help – they actually think it is fun. I like that the Rejuvenate Click n Clean is easy to use, it just glides over my floors effortlessly. I can even get into low spaces like under tables with the pivoting action and low profile base for both sweeping and mopping.

By using the included adapters, you can use any Rejuvenate floor cleaners ( wood floor cleaner, laminate floor cleaner, tile and grout floor cleaner) with the Click n Clean. They have several cleaners for all floor types. It is easy to pop the cleaners in and out of the Click n Clean so you can use the proper cleaner for each flooring surface in your home.

If you have tile with grout, you’ll want to attach the included grout brush to deep clean grout lines! I’ve never had a grout brush like this so I’m excited to tackle all of the grout in my house!

In between mopping, I use the polish microfiber pad to clean or sweep my floors. It is amazing how much dirt and dog hair it picks up!! It cleans way better than my traditional broom! Plus, I can pop all of the pads into the washer so I have a clean microfiber pad every time I use the Click n Clean!

The Rejuvenate Click n Clean makes keeping floors cleaner a lot easier. I can go from surface to surface in no time. I love that I don’t have to lug a bucket of water around my house every time I want to mop my floors. It makes both sweeping and mopping hassle free. Even kids can help with this no-mess solution to floor cleaning. In fact, kids like sweeping it along the floor and spraying the floor cleaner! What makes it even better than other products like this on the market is that the microfiber pads are reusable.

You can purchase the Rejuvenate Click n Clean online for about $39.99. It includes spray mop, microfiber cleaning pad, microfiber dusting pad, 32oz No Bucket Floor Cleaner, soft scrub pad & three bottle adapters. Cleaning system also includes FREE BONUS click-on grout brush making deep grout stains vanish before your eyes!


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