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I fondly remember getting care packages when I was away at college, they were the best ever! I loved it!  Sam’s Club has engineered care packages for your kids that are off at college and for moms at home to make their lives a little easier this school year.  You can rely on Sam’s Club for everything on your Back-to-School Shopping List.

Shopping at Sam’s Club is the easiest way to stay stocked up and ready for anything. With these 5 bundles that are $100 or less, you can get your home and your college student stocked up while saving money.

Here are a few:
Back to Class Laundry Care/Cleaning Bundle for $69.88: It includes six brand-name cleaning products from Tide, Clorox, Lysol, Swiffer and more to keep your household or college student’s home clean, fresh, and germ-free

Men’s Personal Care Package for $67.28: It includes value packs of products from Degree, Gillette, Crest, Dove Men+Care and more. This is a great option for your husband so he is stocked up with all the essentials with one simple purchase. This would also make the perfect care package for your college age son. Keep him stocked up and smelling fresh!

Women’s Personal Care Package for $83.67: Includes value packs of products from Crest, Olay, TRESémme, Tampax and more. Grab a package for yourself and for your college age daughter, you both have more important things to worry about than running out of all the essentials.

Back to Class Laundry Care/Cleaning Bundle

I was able to review the Back to Class Laundry Care/Cleaning Bundle. I was surprised at the amount of products that came in the bundle for just $69.88.  These are items every home needs for back-to-school (back-to-germs) time.

Having 3 large bottles of Lysol on hand it perfect for combating all the germs that will be entering your home this season. I keep one in both upstairs bathrooms and one downstairs for easy accessibility. Once someone shows signs of a cold or flu, I Lysol everything down!

It also comes with 4 large containers of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. I can’t live without these. I keep on in every bathroom for fast and easy clean ups on the most germ-laden areas. I also keep a container by the kitchen sink to clean faucets, refrigerator handles, door knobs, etc during cold and flu season. I even send a container to both my kids’ class rooms because I’d rather their teachers have Clorox than not!

Of course, a few containers of Kleenex will come in handy this season, it’s better to have a supply on hand before you actually need them!

On to cleaning!  The Back to Class Laundry Care/Cleaning Bundle includes a full size bottle of Tide for clean clothes – essential for home and college students. Don’t let your college student experiment for the cheap stuff to save money, protect their clothes and be sure they are clean with Tide.

The Swiffer Dusters will keep you and your college student’s living areas clean and dust free with an easy swipe. I love how it picks up dust and cleans and cleans!  Having 24 on hand will ensure you keep your home dust-free. At least it will give you less excuses since they are so easy to use. 🙂

The bundle also comes with 250 Bounce dryer sheets. I love how clean and wrinkle free my clothes come out of my dryer when I use Bounce!  I also like how it keeps our shoes smelling fresh and clean too! Just place a Bounce dryer sheet inside the stinkiest of shoes for a fresher closet and shoes.

Shop Sam’s Club

Shopping at Sam’s Club gives you greater value for your money and saves you time.  Find all the best back-to-school dealsat Sam’s Club.

picture of Back to School at Sam's Club
Back to School at Sam’s Club

They even have an awesome free service called Click ‘n’ Pull. When you place an order by phone or online by 5pm, you can pick up your order at 7 am the next day. I’ve done this several times just for daily purchases, it saves busy moms a lot of time!  You can do it for yourself, or order  your college student’s back-to-school supplies and have them pay and pick up at their local store.    Find a Sam’s Club near you.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Sam’s Club who provided us with the products for review.

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