Shabby Apple Marseilles Faux Wrap Summer Dress Review

Shabby Apple Faux Wrap Dress

Are you looking for a fun, flirty, fashionable dress? Shabby Apple boast a collection of stylish dresses that are unlike any you’ve seen in stores.  Being a conservative mom that needs a kick-start when it comes to fashion, I was eager to review their Shabby Apple Marseilles Faux Wrap Dress.  All dresses are hand designed by owners Emily and CK. They saw a need for stylish dresses that didn’t expose too much skin while still remaining high fashion.

Hands on Review of Shabby Apple Marseilles Faux Wrap Summer Dress

The photos and descriptions of the Shabby Apple Marseilles Faux Wrap Dress online were fabulous. When I received the dress, I was so excited that I tried it on right away. The best word to describe this dress is feminine. I felt flirty and very feminine while wearing this dress. The faux wrap dress style is very figure flattering; a perfect summer dress. Being a faux wrap, you get all the fun style of a wrap dress without the fear of it flapping open! The style is that of a t-shirt dress with flap pockets on the bust. The design is blue with white and red stripes. The stripes are white with a thin red stripe down the middle of the white stripes.

The material is made of  98% french blue stretch cotton poplin and 2% spandex. This gives the faux wrap dress lots of stretch and give. I really like the fabric of this dress, it has stretch while still being crisp looking. It lays nicely and moves with your body as you move.

Shabby Apple Faux Wrap Dress
Shabby Apple Faux Wrap Dress

The sizing is generous with this dress. Shabby Apple has 2 sizing guides, one is true-to-size and like this dress, the other is “fits generously”. I am normally a size 10, size medium. I ordered a size Medium in this dress and it fit perfectly.

I was a little confused on the sash of this wrap dress. The model wears the sash wrapped around her tiny waist and cinched to the side.

picture of Shabby Apple Faux Wrap Dress
Shabby Apple Faux Wrap Dress cinched at waste

Not being as in shape as I wish, my sash did not tie nicely to the side after wrapping around my waist. Instead, I tied it in a bow behind. I thought it looked very natural this way.

picture of Shabby Apple Faux Wrap Dress
Shabby Apple Faux Wrap Dress with bow in back

What I later found out on the Shabby Apple website was that the sash actually isn’t intended to wrap all the way around your waist but just to tie in a bow on the side. This makes a lot more sense and fits me well this way. See their website picture below.

Shabby Apple Faux Wrap Dress
Shabby Apple Faux Wrap Dress with bow on side

So, through my goof up, you can see that this dress can easily be worn with the sash in three ways based on your taste or body shape.

The large shirt collar is very crisp and can be worn up for a trendier look as pictured above in the model’s picture. Being more conservative, I choose to wear mine down and it looked nice.

I’ve worn this dress twice so far, once to church and once to a graduation party. I received many compliments each time I’ve worn it. People like the unique design and style.

My husband really likes this dress on me too. I think all husbands would secretly like their wives to wear dresses more often. Without being revealing and still stylish, this is a dress that your guy will like.

This dress can take you from the office to a summer party and beyond this summer! You get all the style of a wrap dress but can have fun with the confidence of knowing that this faux wrap dress is going to stay in place!

The dress is just $86 on the Shappy Apple website.

More on Shabby Apple

The owners of Shabby Apple want to take the dress back to being a one-piece outfit that doesn’t require tank tops, cardigans, etc just to be wear-able. It is easy to shop their online store since exchanges include free shipping. Browse through their online store by collection or category. Their collections currently are: Central Park Dresses, Carousel Dresses, 1943 Dresses, Baja Dresses, Manhattan Dresses, Golden gate Dresses, Oh La La Dresses, Queensland Dresses, and Skyscraper Dresses. The Shabby Apple collections include Black Dresses, Essential Dresses, Flirty Dresses, Sophisticated Dresses, Soiree Dresses, Bridesmaids Dresses, Maternity Dresses, Plus Size Dresses, Fitness Dresses, Swimwear, and Vignettes.

Shabby Apple also have an adorable selection of pre-teen and girl dresses. I would love to see my Elizabeth in their Queen of Hearts dress. I like the print and details of this dress.

picture of Shabby Apple Queen of Hearts Girls Dress
Shabby Apple Queen of Hearts Girls Dress

Shabby Apple cares about women. Not only the way the look but the way they live.Much of the textiles used to manufacture Shabby  Apple dresses come from India. Shabby Apple is helping the fight against global poverty by partnering with Unitus. Unitus is a non-profit organization that helps people have access to financial services. Shabby Apple donates 5% of its net dress sales to support work in India. You can help too by donating $5 with each dress purchase. These donations help to provide financial services to more than 1.6 million hard-working women.

Love to save money? Join their newsletter and get 10% off!

Shabby Apple is on Facebook, go there for the latest buzz on fashion!

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