Take Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speakers with You Anywhere

Are you looking for some great sounding speakers that you can take with you anywhere and won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Here is your answer!! The Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker is only $20, and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It comes with a carrying bag and charging USB cord. The Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker is lightweight, rechargeable and can play music for up to 6 hours of continuous play.

The Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker comes in a variety of colors.
The Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker comes in a variety of colors.

I received product to facilitate this post.

Connect Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speakers for a Bigger Sound

Why only buy one Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker? At only $20 there is plenty of room in anyone’s budget to buy more than one! These make great gifts for people of any age, they are easy to use and come in four different color combinations. I love that I can connect my Kinivo speakers to get a bigger sound, really the number of speakers you could connect to each other is limitless! Just simply plug the connector into the jack on the side of the speaker, power up and go!

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speakers Video Review

I love to take these speakers outside with me while I work in my garden, or just for the kids to listen to music while playing in their playroom or outside. My husband always uses at least one speaker while grilling, and I love to have it on while washing dishes. These are perfect for taking to the beach, or maybe your neighborhood park!

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This was not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you Kinivo for providing the product for this post.


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