Tapmaster Review, OR, What we stole from our old house when we moved

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We have been kicking the Toe Kick (wood panel at the bottom of your cabinet) under our kitchen sink of the house we just moved into a lot. Not because we are mad but we’ve been conditioned. At our previous home, we used our feet to turn on the water at the kitchen sink.  I want my husband to reinstall MY TAPMASTER!!

You see, last year, my husband took on a new product line to represent to the Kitchen and Bath industry.  We installed a Model 1775 Euro from Tapmaster under our kitchen sink faucet to see how it works- and wow, the entire family fell in love with this amazing device. Using your foot to move a simple lever that is up against the toe kick, we could set the temperature of the faucet AT the actual faucet, and use our feet to turn the water on for just a moment, to lock the water on, and then turn it off.

About Tapmaster

picture of Tapmaster hands freeTapmaster makes hands free faucet controllers. This is a great way to turn the water on without having to touch your actual faucet. Why is this good?  Tapmaster is great for when my hands are full of cookie dough, if I am using two hands to carry a food-laden pot, if I’ve just cut up chicken for soup, if the kids want to turn on the water, or if my hands are just plain dirty.

Tapmaster is convenient

Using your foot to turn on the water is so convenient.  It doesn’t matter if your hands are full or dirty, your foot is always free. Plus, kids can reach the Tapmaster to turn on the water when they can’t reach the faucet. Tapmaster is so easy to use, it does NOT require any batteries, electricity, or hard to push levers – just a light foot tap.

Tapmaster is hygienic

As you know, germs love to hang out on the faucets. After turning on the faucet with your dirty hands, you touch it with your clean hands to turn it off and pick up those nasty germs. In a public restroom, I use the paper towel to turn off the faucet but how many of us do this at home? Likely none. Using the Tapmaster eliminates the passing on of germs.

Tapmaster is easy to install

Tapmaster is easy to install. What are the pieces?  Well you have the toe lever, two little ‘water switches’ that sit in between your hot and cold water lines and your faucet, plus little flexible pressure tubes that tie everything together.

Anyway, like I said, we have been conditioned to use this thing.  When visiting friends and family, if we had the reason or opportunity to be in their kitchen, the first thing that would happen before the kitchen sink water would turn on would be a foot tap to their toe kick.  It was silly really, but just showed how much this device became a part of  the way we live.

A little confession regarding Tapmaster and my previous house

When you move from house to house, you are NOT supposed to remove anything that’s ‘attached’ to the house, like kitchen cabinets, secure shelves, faucets, windows, doors, decks, tile floors, kitchen countertops… etc…  Well, our Tapmaster Euro was attached.  It is what we stole from our old house when we moved. Installation took about a half hour about a year ago, and removal of the device took about 5 minutes 4 weeks ago.  So, we didn’t feel too bad.

My Moving Story and My Tapmaster

As you may have read from some of my MOVING articles in the MY LIFE category of this blog, you know that we bought this great house with lots of land surrounding us, and a big house that, well, needs plenty of updates.  The kitchen just has to go.  My hubby knows that at our original fixer upper starter home, I ripped out the original kitchen myself – I yanked cabinets off the wall, and, indeed, pulled out the kitchen sink.  If too much time passes- be warned Matt- it will happen again and you won’t eat a home cooked meal until you put in a new kitchen… AND my Tapmaster.

Buy Tapmaster

You can buy the Tapmaster on the Tapmaster website for $345.

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  1. Rob Murphy says:

    Sounds like the Tapmaster is a great product. I’m looking to buy one too but can’t decide on the tapmaster or IZIFLOW? IZIFLOW is half the price and seems to offer the same benefits? Anyone got any advice?

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