The Frank Lloyd Wright Guide to Lining Things Up on your Wall (or an iLevel review)

A little up on the left side…. a little more… little more… now a little up on the right side…. ummm… ok, well, why don’t you look? “I can’t I’m holding it!”

Ya, That conversation exists time and time again around the city/country/world- probably 10000s of times a day worldwide. We purchased a laser level a few years back and its been a wonderful tool to have- except for the fact that SOMEONE has to hold it against the wall to get a level line.

Solving your line up problems- the SKIL iLevel

We’ve been granted a pre-release production sample of the SKIL iLevel device.  The tagline on the box reads “a Level Line Every Time”.  And honestly that’s just the plain truth of it.  The iLevel provides a straight vertical and horizontal crosshair beam FROM the cube ONTO your wall.


Setting up the iLevel is very easy.  The clamp system (That kind of acts like a camera tripod) easily grabs onto horizontal and vertical surfaces- no instructions required.  To turn the device on, you open the laser window.  I like that CLOSING the laser window TURNS IT OFF- it makes me know I am free to LOOK at it without getting a laser in my eye- no doubts!

the iLevel from Ski with its laser coming out
The iLevel projects from a small ~2" cube

What needs lined up?

The classic ‘picture frame’ is an obvious problem that this device solves.  But, upon seeing how easy it is to setup- I can definitely see this being used to make straight paint lines, line up wall paper, and get a nice up and down plumb line for silly things like screwing drywall to studs!(Yes, we do that here in our house- a few more months to go!)

The iLevel Mounting Bracket attached to a dining Room Chair
The iLevel comes with a camera-style mount that is incredibly sturdy and well built

Besides using the clamp, you can place the iLevel on any mostly flat surface- be it a table, bookcase, shelf, or on top of a pile of books to get it to the right height.

An Extra Closeup- Included just because I thought it was a high quality image!

 Recommend the iLevel from SKIL?

My husband and I really liked this device.  In comparison to our existing wall hugging laser level, we like that it creates the cross hair, but also because it is AWAY from the wall.   The laser line thickness is a little larger than our wall mounted unit – but its easy to tell the top of the line- which makes that point null and void.

Buy the iLevel from Skil

The iLevel was not yet available for purchase from retailers as of the post date for this review, but, as soon as we see it available somewhere, we’ll be sure to let you know!



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