Time to Buy Cute Swimming Suits for Your Girl

Summer is just around the corner, if your kids are like mine, nothing will fit from last Summer. Don’t wait until the last minute to find a swimming suit for your girl or boy – there is nothing worse than heading to the pool only to find out that your kids swimming suits don’t fit. Stopping by a store on the way is just asking for a disaster in the making – nothing fits, everything is ugly, you don’t approve of the style, etc…

My daughter just started being interested in what her swimming suits look like last Summer. The only problem is that not all styles fit since she is slim and tall, which can be so frustrating. I knew that I needed to get a head start on swimming suit buying this season. I was introduced to Stella Cove Beautiful Beachwear a few weeks ago and love their bright, colorful, trendy style for girls, boys, and women. My daughter and I were both excited to receive one of their cute swimming suits to review and enjoy this Summer.

Cute Swimming Suits by Stella Cove

There are so many one piece and two piece cute swimming suits to choose from on the Stella Cove website for girls, boys, and women. Elizabeth and I browsed the excellent selection of cute swimming suits for girls. Here are some of our favorite 1 piece swimming suits:

Stella Cove also has a nice selection of 2-piece cute swimming suits. Here are a few that we liked:

The one that we were sent to review was the Perfect Day Butterfly Cut swimsuit.

Stella Cove Cute Swimming Suit
Stella Cove Cute Swimming Suit

This is a very cute swimming suit with a bright blue sky with puffy white clouds all over. It looks the setting of a perfect summer day! I was surprised that Elizabeth went for this and not a pink swimsuit since that is her favorite color. However, we’ve never seen anything this cute in stores, it is original and super cute.  It wasn’t like any other swimming suit that we saw while at our local water park which made it easier to keep an eye on her too.

The Perfect Day Butterfly Cut swimsuit fit Elizabeth perfectly.  The style is modest and not high cut at the legs with the butterfly cut, something that I like. The string shoulder straps stayed secure and didn’t fall off while she was swimming, diving, or going down water slides – another Must! The front has a cute bow that is attached separate from the string shoulder straps, so you never have to worry about the bow coming undone and the top falling off.

One thing that I really like about Stella Cove is that you can pick out the exact size of your swimming suit based on your torso length and waist. You don’t simply have to guess. For my daughter, she wore a size 8 swimming suit even though she wears a size 6 normally in other clothing. This is because she has a long torso. I would have never thought to even look at a size 8 in the stores because she is so slim, but the measurements on the Stella Cove website helped a lot!

The back of the Stella Cove Perfect Day Butterfly Cut swimsuit is cute too, with an X shape back.  This provides support while swimming, playing, diving, and having fun in the pool – no more falling-off-the-shoulder straps.   I also like that it is adjustable with the string straps so it can provide a custom fit.

Stella Cove Cute Swimming Suit
Back of Stella Cove Suit

Buy Cute Swimming Suits for Your Girl

You can buy the Perfect Day Butterfly Cut swimsuit on the Stella Cove website for $95.

There were several swimming suits that I know my son would like to, including some of their fitted shorts while he swims for the swim team! It is so hard to find cool swim team type swim shorts for boys. They also have swimming trunks and shorter swimming trunks for boys.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Stella Cove who provided the product for review.

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