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Are you ready to go on an adventure? Sounds exciting to go on an “adventure”, doesn’t it? Let’s face it with kids and the right attitude, any family getaway qualifies as an adventure! Whether your next big adventure is taking your kids on an overnight trip to a nearby campground, a weekend at our state’s capital, the beach, or mountains, what you pack makes all the difference. When you are prepared with travel essentials, you are truly ready to step out on your next adventure. Below are a few items that I’ve compiled for the ultimate adventure.

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Adventure Gear for Near or Far

Adventures for my family can be as simple as an escape in the woods for an overnight camping session or at our nearby Clay’s Park.  If your family is the outdoors type too, check out Coalatree. Coalatree has a line of products that are eco-minded and perfect for the average suburban family, city folk, and weekend warriors to get out in the great outdoors. They have hammocks, blankets, apparel, and more to get your outside in comfort!

We had the chance to check out their Loafer Single Hammock. Small and compact to pack, you can take it with you on any and every adventure.  It is easy to set up and can hold up to 450 lbs, so you’ll feel safe, supported and comfortable lounging beachside, in the woods, or your own backyard. My son is into bushcraft, in which you keep everything you need to survive the wilderness in one bag. He keeps this hammock in his bag, for whatever adventure comes his way. Often, it’s in his fort compound in the woods! He was out late into the evening last night because he fell asleep in his hammock. I don’t blame him, if you saw my Facebook Live video below, you’ll see just how comfortable it is.

Coalatree’s products are practical, stylish, and functional – perfect for weekend adventures at home or anywhere.

Be Prepared for Emergency

I feel more in control when I am prepared for emergencies. I usually overpack but I’d rather have what I need than miss what I don’t.  If you want to be really prepared and eco-friendly, you’ll want to check out HydraCell products.  A single replaceable HydraCell fuel cell operates for hundreds of hours by dipping in water.

There are two takes with this line.

#1 They offer portable and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional battery-powered devices. Bring their product with you and you’ll be set with light for the entire duration of your adventure.

#2 Be prepared for a future emergency with light that doesn’t require conventional batteries that have a short shelf-life. Hydracell can be stored away in your emergency pack for up to 25 years or more!

HydraCell products use water to power lanterns and flashlights – perfect for camping adventures, emergencies, and even living off the grid. This Utility Lantern is the perfect thing to have stored away at home for the next power outage or on your next camping adventure. It will light up your space with 3 bring long-life LEDs which is perfect for small rooms and camping areas. It will stay lit for 300+ hours once activated. You can purchase another HydraCell fuel cell for longer life or for your next adventure.

This rugged flashlight is also a must-have for both home emergencies, power outages, in the car, and while on your next camping adventure. With a shelf light of 25+ years, you’ll feel good knowing that you’ll always have a reliable flashlight in case of an emergency with no concerns of dead or corroded batteries.

It is a good size and looks to have a large beam which is perfect for camping too, keeping you safe in the dark.

Hide the Stink

If you are doing the adventure right, it’ll involve lots of activity which leads to stink and sweat. Even the cutest of kids can produce the smelliest of socks and muddiest of clothes. I use Smelly Proof to hide away clothing that I’d rather just throw away if money wasn’t an issue. Smelly Proof bags keep the smell inside the bag – not your car, hotel, cabin, or tent!  You can even hide stinky diapers in them in a pinch if there isn’t a trash can handy. They can even fit a men’s size 12.5 shoe!

Or, if you are roughing it in the woods, bring along Smelly Proof bags to store your meals and snacks on the go.

This is especially necessary in bear country but a good idea anytime you go camping.  This is a great option for meats and cheeses too, stick them in the cooler – the smell will stay inside the bag and not alert animals!

These bags are unlike typical bags because they are puncture-resistant (important when traveling with kids!) and are liquid and moisture resistant too. Pick up Smelly Proof bags for your next adventure away from home – and keep some at home too. Order a variety of sizes on the Smelly Proof website.

Travel Camera Bag

Don’t forget your camera, you’ll get better quality pictures with a camera over your smartphone. Don’t try to pack light and miss out on capturing those memories forever!  Don’t be like me and pack your camera in any ol’ bag or you’ll arrive at your destination with a cracked screen which is what I did for our St. Augustine trip – thus the reason for less-than-professional pictures. 🙁

Protect your camera and electronics with a WANDRD VEER 18L backpack. This will become your go-to backpack for travel.

This bag includes an inflatable camera cube and inflatable back panel that protects your camera and electronics! It’s the world’s best travel camera bag on the market.

Your camera (and future memories of your trip) will be safe and secure in the bag no matter where your travels take you.  Plus, you’ll have plenty of space for other gear in the spacious bag. It includes a water bottle holder, key clip, organizational pockets, and weather-resistant zippers and materials. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee. Get your camera bag now for all your family adventures on the WANDRD website – which for new parents includes trips to the park and zoo too!  Get that camera snapping!

Stylish Day Bag for Moms

Hang up your diaper bag and old college backpack for a stylish day bag from MotoChic. If you are cool enough to actually ride motorcycles, this is a bag built with high-performance materials for such ride which means it can hold up to your kid-toting adventure too, which is by far more demanding! The point is, these bags will hold up to any adventure you can throw at it while keeping you looking cool, calm, and stylish.

This day bag converts to your needs from a backpack design to a tote bag. It has fully adjustable harnesses and straps designed specifically for women. There are pockets to keep everything organized and even secret compartments to store away cash, credit cards, and snacks from your kids. 😉 The Lauren Sport, pictured above is a great option and available on the MotoChic website.

Pack a Lifestyle Swim Suit

Many family adventures end up with water at some point in the trip – either the hotel swimming pool, waterpark, or beach.  You know you’ll be chasing your kids around and building sand castles, so a skimpy bikini won’t do. Pack a suit from Nani Swimwear, they are built for an active lifestyle in the surf and sand.

Their line of swimwear is functional while still fashionable and flattering with one-piece and mix and match 2-piece styles.

You may even opt for the eco-friendly Parks collection made from polyester and recycled plastic bottles! Pick up a suit on the Nani website.

Not sure where to go on your next family adventure? Check out all our family travel articles. Looking to stay in Ohio? Check out our favorite places in Ohio!

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