Must-Have USB Portable Handheld Fan for Camping, Beach & More

My kids just got home from summer camp. They were so thankful for their Buggy Turbo Fan!  It is a powerful handheld fan that requires no batteries! Just one USB charge will give you over 6 hours of fan use. This handheld fan is a must for camping, at the beach, summer camps away from home, road trips, zoo, amusement park, biking, or anywhere that you need a cool breeze this hot summer!

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There are so many uses for the Buggy Turbo Fan for adults all the way to babies. For instance, this fan can be easily attached to anything like a stroller on hot trips to the zoo, bikes, wheel chairs, beach chairs – or anywhere that you need a little extra breeze this Summer! Choose from 3 speeds for the perfect amount of air.

My kids enjoyed bringing their Turbo Fan with them throughout camp to cool off but especially at night! They were able to attach their fan to their bunks for 6 hours of breeze while they slept. Plus, if they woke up at night and needed a light, it doubles as a flashlight!  This is important for kids especially while traveling of away from home but also good for adults to have around for a late night walk on the beach or at the camp ground.

I like that Turbo Fan doesn’t require batteries – so you don’t have to waste batteries or worry about running out during your outing. Simply charge it with the included USB cord. Each full charge can power the fan up to 6 hours on 1st speed, 5 hours for 2nd speed, and 4 hours on 3rd speed.

Purchase your own Buggy Turbo Fan for just $25 on Buggygear website or on in mint, black, and pink.

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