Natural Product for Stinky Shoes

If you are looking for a greener way to keep your home fresh and clean, you need to check out Vapor Fresh®. They offer alternative products that are healthier for you and your family to use while being green.

Got Stinky Shoes and Gloves?

Besides being smelly, stinky shoes and sporting gloves can have bacteria taking up residence in your family’s wares. Where moisture is, bacteria thrives. I’ve been using the Vapor Fresh Natural Foot, Shoe & Glove Powder in all my  family’s shoes and boots.

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What makes Vapor Fresh Natural Foot, Shoe & Glove Powder  truly unique when it comes to shoe powder is that it does NOT use talc powder – as you may know, talc is suspected of causing cancer and it is found in many other show powders.  I try to get away from cancer-causing products as I am aware of them, especially when the product comes in direct contact with my family – feet if used in shoes and hands if used in gloves. Just sprinkle it in to eliminate bacteria-thriving moisture and to destroy odor. Plus it can help extend the life of your shoes!

My family doesn’t have any but Vapor Fresh powder can also be used with great hockey & lacrosse gloves, boxing gloves, and cleats. This simple product can work wonders in your quality of life if you have kids or a husband with stinky feet too, let’s just be honest!  Vapor Fresh uses the power of essential oils to leave a pleasant, refreshing scent behind instead of the take-your-breath-away gagging smells of stinky shoes and boots!

Purchase Vapor Fresh Natural Foot, Shoe & Glove Powder for $9.99 on the Vapor Fresh website. and on with free Prime shipping.

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