Travel Must-Have – 30W USB Travel Wall Charger for 3 Devices

Vogduo Charger Pro Review

Before you go on your next trip, do yourself a favor and make sure you have enough chargers for you and your family’s electronic devices. It is amazing how many devices need charged while traveling and how too few outlets hotels have! The VogDUO 30W USB Travel Wall Charger is a must-have for travel this season.

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VogDUO 30W USB Travel Wall Charger Review

With so many electronics to keep charged, the VogDUO 30W USB Travel Wall Charger will simplify your life while charging 3 USB devices simultaneously. With 30 watts of power, you can charge your devices quicker too.

Vogduo Charger Pro Review

All of your power-hungry tablets, phones, and other USB devices can be charged quickly with just one wall charger. Having one compact device to charge 3 devices at the same time saves the hassle of packing enough chargers and finding enough outlets in your hotel room!

As you can see in my photos, the charger is flexible so that it can be used in any tight spot. The plug swivels 270-degrees!

It can even fit in a crowded power strip or behind furniture.

I love that this wall charger is compact in size, making it easy to pack with you wherever you go so you always have a charger without taking up a lot of space or added weight.

My son and I recently went to church camp. He has his phone and portable charger to charge at night. It is vital that both are charged since his phone battery drains during the day since it is always connected via bluetooth and the internet to his continuous glucose monitor. I gave him the VogDUO charger so he wouldn’t have to fight for the limited electrical sockets in the cabin. Luckily he had a third space open because his cabin leader had an iPhone and cord but no wall charger. He was able to use the 3rd spot. This wall charger works with Android, Apple, or any USB device.

Before you plan your next vacation, pick up your own VogDUO 30W USB Travel Wall Charger on the VogDUO website on sale now for $49.99. Available in red, black, and white.

Although it is meant for travel for the convenient size, it is also great for at-home use – we have ours plugged in and used all the time in the hub of our house, the kitchen!

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