WORX Innovative Tools Make Winter Projects Go Smoothly

We are all getting a little stir crazy being stuck inside during this cold winter. It is time to get started on DIY projects around the house. Winter is the perfect time to tackle a project around the house since we have more free time on our hands – we aren’t mowing, gardening, going on family vacations, hanging out at the pool, or having backyard barbecues.  One thing that I have learned from remodeling our entire Frank Lloyd Wright home from top to bottom is that you have to have the right toys to get the job done right and without hassles.

My husband and I have several WORX branded tools that we put into action often.  Their tools are more ergonomically than others and the cordless feature adds convenience while still being lightweight. This brand is superior in quality but economical. I like it because they feel good in my hands, making it perfect for DIYers – both men and women. Plus, they make great Valentine’s Day gifts for men!

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Everyone Needs a WORX® 20V Switchdriver

Before you start any DIY project, you need a WORX® 20V Switchdriver™.  It is a must-have for just about any home project you decide to take on. It is great for all kinds of woodworking projects as well as installing shelves, curtain rods or blinds with drywall anchors. You can use it to install kitchen or bathroom hardware, hinges and door sets, and assembly projects of all kinds.

What makes the Switchdriver better than other cordless drills is that the rotating head is equipped with two 1/4-in. chucks for different drill or driver bit combinations. What this means to you is that you’ll save time. This convenient feature can let you go from drilling a pilot hole to quickly rotating the head to switch chucks and then use the driver bit to sink a screw.

You’ll love how lightweight it is at only 3 lbs. and its powered by a 20V MAX lithium battery. Learn more about and purchase the WORX 20V MAX lithium Switchdriver (WX176L, $89.97) on the WORX website or at Lowe’s.

Must-have Circular Saw

For serious DIYers, you need a saw, the WORX 20V 6-1/2 in. Circular Saw with ExacTrack is a must-have.  If you’ve been on Pinterest and have a home remodeling job on your mind, you need this. It is good for making those Pinterest items like rustic furniture, benches and stools, book and storage shelves, deck planters, wine racks, shoe organizers. It also makes it easy to build your own shelves and cabinets, create your own kitchen island, replace stairs, and more!

This circular saw makes it easy to make accurate rip cuts (straight-line cuts with the wood grain) in plywood and other dimensional lumber. Most circular saws come with a basic edge guide for an additional fee $40-80 but the WORX comes already with the ExacTrack! It is the only circular saw with a built-in track guide that makes it easier to cut as the ExacTrac glides on top of the cutting guide board while the saw’s base plat is flush gainst the board’s edge. This gives you a precise rip cut! You can also use in standard mode for cross-cuts and bevel cuts.

The saw’s maximum depth of cut is 2 in. and its bevel capacity is 0-50°. In standard mode, the saw will be set up for regular 90-degree or bevel cutting.
Weighing in at just 6lbs, you’ll not experience hand fatigue either. It is powered by by a 20-volt, 2.0 Ah, MAX lithium battery.

This saw is like traditional circular saws but more lightweight and ergonomic. Get the cutting efficiently of a 6-1/2” blade, and the ability to make bevel cuts up to 50°.

You can learn more about and purchase the WORX 20V 6-1/2 in. Circular Saw with ExacTrack (WX530L) for about $119.99 on the WORX website and Amazon.

Worktable and Sawhorse All in One!

The WORX Pegasus™ is a worktable and sawhorse all in one! Now, there is no need for both.  The worktable can support 300 lbs while the sawhorse can hold up to a load-bearing capacity of up to 1,000 lbs. when joined with a second Pegasus or WORX Clamping Sawhorse.

You’ll love the impressive 31 x 25 in. tabletop workspace.  It comes with 18 in. quick-clamps that make it easier to glue, sand, polish, stain and more. I like that it easily folds for easy storage or to transport to another location. You can combine 2 or more Pegasus worktables for larger projects!

Or, use it as a sawhorse by releasing the extension wings on both sides of the table. The two notches at both ends of the sawhorse are designed to hold 2×4’s. Once you put the 2×4’s in the notches, they help support cross-cuts and rip cuts without cutting into the sawhorse.

Learn more about and purchase the WORX Pegasus Worktable and Sawhorse (WX051) for about $99.99 on the WORX website as well as Lowe’s, Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon and Menards.

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