Xnspy, The App That Records All Your Kid’s Digital Activities

Generation Z has used the internet since a young age, and they have never known a time when they couldn’t connect to the world through the internet. And while doing so, many of them end up landing on various explicit and illegal websites. Furthermore, there is an ever-increasing concern of excessive social media usage, which is directly associated with a number of issues, including child predators, sexting, child pornography, and other health problems. You can’t supervise each and every digital step on your own. That is where kids monitoring apps come handy.

Your teens and pre-teens are conducting research for a school project, interacting with their friends on social media platforms, or just enjoying gaming apps on their smartphone, you don’t have to worry about their digital activities. Such spy apps enable you to access almost every possible thing that is saved on your their phone. These parental control apps let you block inappropriate sites or unwanted contacts. Additionally, parental monitoring apps give you the ability to restrict the use of risky applications. Mainly, these apps are a way to help keep your minors safer on their digital devices. This way, you can understand their attitudes as all of them are equally influenced by these digital gadgets.

No doubt, such parental control apps are no substitute for good communication. If you want to keep your kids safe from all these digital threats, one of the first things you must do is talk to them and share your concerns. You can educate them about how they can secure their digital identity. For sure, directly asking for their phone is not going to work. They know, even better than you, how to hide stuff into their smartphones. It is much better to convince them that you will respect their privacy while still monitoring their digital activities, a promise you should strive to uphold.

One of the easiest and reliable monitoring app you can ever find is Xnspy, which provides complete access to the smartphone of through a web-based control panel. Xnspy is the monitoring tool that enables you to fully control your kid’s device as if you were holding it in your palms. So, for example, being in the office or in the kitchen, you can easily keep tabs on digital activities of your minors. Let’s look into what sort of features and service do Xnspy offers.

Why Xnspy?

  • You can stay in touch with your minors anytime.
  • Affordable pricing plans with more than 40 innovative monitoring features for parents
  • Kids behave more responsibly as they know they are being monitored.
  • Acknowledged as one of the best parental monitoring apps
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Works on Android and iOS devices

How to install Xnspy for remote device monitoring?

On Android devices:

Once you have an Xnspy subscription, you will receive an email containing instructions guide, activation code, and a download URL. You will need one-time physical access to your minor’s phone. By clicking on the download URL, you can easily download and install Xnspy on it.

Compatibility: Xnspy works with all devices running Android OS between 4.X and 9.X.

On your iOS devices:


  • You need the iCloud credentials that is under your child’s use.
  • The iCloud backup needs to be enabled on their device.

Compatibility: Xnspy is functional with all devices running iOS versions between 6.X and 12.3.2.

What is the price for Xnspy?

Xnspy offers two main editions depending on the features they offer:

  • Basic Edition

Monthly: $29.99/month

Quarterly: $41.99/quarter

Annually: $59.99/year

  • Premium Edition

Monthly: $35.99/month

Quarterly: $59.99/quarter

Annually: $89.99/year

What are your kids doing on their smartphones?                

Phone calls and messages

This parental control app enables you to know who your children are talking to. You can access their call logs (missed, dialed, or received) with details like date, time, and calls’ duration. Surprisingly, you can record phone calls from their device and listen to them anytime through your web account. With remote access to the phone, you can listen to the phone’s surroundings, too.

Now you don’t have to worry about the rising threat of sexting and bullying, as Xnspy enables you to read all the messages that have been sent or received on your child’s device remotely. Furthermore, you can get an alert via email on specific callers and words to protect your minors from being contacted by child predators.

Instant Messenger chats and multimedia

Gen Z spend a lot of time on popular social media apps, and there are more chances that they meet a scammer or predator trying to convince them to do perform an illegal act. It is not a rare case when children suffer from depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders due to their excessive social media use. Xnspy kids monitoring app fetches all possible information, including chats and shared multimedia files from social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Instagram, Kik, Tinder, Skype, and Line.

Emails and online activities

Xnspy makes it easy for you to track the online activities of your minors. You can access all sent/received emails. Plus, you can check browsing history and bookmarks. It also gives you a list of Wi-Fi connection history along with location, date, and time stamps.

Photos, videos, and calendar entries

You can access and even download all the multimedia files like photos, videos, and other audio files saved on their phones. Also, you can view all upcoming marked events on their phones.

GPS location

You can track the exact location of your minors in real time while they are out with friends. This kids monitoring app offers GPS tracking with 100 percent accurate results. You can also access location history with address and other details like time and date. You can even add specific locations your Xnspy Watchlists like pubs, clubs, or any place you don’t want your child to enter.

Remote Controls

The advanced features make Xnspy one of the best parenting apps. Xnspy offers remote device monitoring tools. For instance, you can lock your their devices remotely during sleep hours or homework time to limit their screen time. You can remotely wipe off the device data. You can view the installed apps list and block all apps that you find inappropriate for them. Xnspy also records all the keystrokes from popular social media apps and enables you to take a live screenshot remotely.

24/7 Instant alerts

Xnspy monitoring app for kids can send you an instant notification via registered email on specific words, contacts, and places. It also notifies you whenever your they swap their SIM cards.

Exclusive Actuarial Reports

No-doubt, digging into their phone to get some relevant information is a tedious job. There could be hundreds of messages, calls, etc. But, Xnspy being an efficient app facilitates you with exclusive actuarial reports on their digital activities:

  • The top 5 frequent callers
  • The top 5 call durations
  • The top 10 most frequently-visited websites
  • A weekly punch card showing all the calls and their durations for every hour of the day

What Customers are saying

Katie N.The app is pretty cool in a way that it doesn’t stop working even in the absence of an internet connection. It would keep on spying and recording information. And as soon as the monitored phone connects to the internet, you get everything uploaded to your web account.

Adnan J.So far this is the best parental monitoring app. I have tried a few apps before, but for the money, Xnspy offers the most features. It has solved all my concerns regarding monitoring my teen’s photos, chats, calls, emails, and even browsing history. Installation was simple, and it is easy to use and view all the info that it gathers from my kids’ phones.

Final Thought

Xnspy is easy to use and has a user-friendly control panel. This kids monitoring app offers robust features, best performance, and top-notch customer support services. Geofencing, Keylogging, and instant notifications are exceptional features that enables you to keep tabs on your minors’ activities, both in their real and online world. Xnspy is considered one of the best monitoring tools available in the market that helps you protect your child from digital threats like cyberbullying, online predators, pornography, sexting, and many others.

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