“As Seen on TV” Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

"As Seen on TV" Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show mom, grandma, and other special “moms” in your life that you care.  This is the perfect time to buy mom the gadget she’s been eyeing on TV. You know what I’m talking about, the “As Seen on TV” items that looks so fascinating but we never get around to ordering.

“As Seen on TV” items are always clever and make live more enjoyable, while being practical at the same time.

Our favorite “As Seen on TV” Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Get Mom Summer Sandal Ready with PedEgg Powerball

Mom will appreciate this thoughtful gift, especially when she reaches for her sandals and notices that her feet are callused and have dry, rough skin. Yikes! The PedEgg Powerball is a cordless electric callus remover that will clear away the mom’s dry, cracked skin, getting her ready for sandal weather.

"As Seen on TV" Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This sure beats the knife my aunt use to use on her callused feet when we were growing up. I kid you not! OUCH!

You can purchase the PedEgg Powerball for just $19.99 at retailers nationwide and at PedEgg Powerball website . Maybe pair it with a cute pair of sandals too!

Help Mom Toss Out Old Pans

We all know that scratched pans can not only be ugly to cook with but dangerous as the pan materials can end up in the food you eat. Help mom toss out her old pan and replace it with Red Copper Pan.

"As Seen on TV" Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This 10″ fry pan is AMAZING, it is a revolutionary non-stick ceramic made of copper!  This will be mom’s new go-to pan for boiling, baking, frying, sauteing and more as it can be used up to 500ºF without sticking so food literally just slides off!

You can buy the Red Copper Pan at retailers nationwide and at Red Copper Pan website for $19.99 – Buy one for yourself too!

Give Mom a Hand Opening Cans

My husband and I went through several electric can openers when we were first married, they all broke. We went to the old fashion manual kind and would never go back…until I found the TouCan. This is old-school meets automatic. TouCan is a hands-free automatic can opener that can open cans with a push of a button.

"As Seen on TV" Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The blade is safer too for mom because it clamps down on the lid from the outside keeping the lid magnetically attached to the opener and not falling on the kitchen floor.

You can buy the TouCan at retailers nationwide and online at TouCan website for $19.99. It is a must-have in any kitchen.

Pranks the Fun Mom

I hope that my kids think of me as a fun mom. I enjoy playing with them and letting them try out all sorts of toys and gadgets including the Battle Balloons Color Burst!  These are not ordinary water balloons!  Not only do they instantly fill up for a quick balloon battle but when they burst, they burst with color!!! Red, green, or blue non-staining color will surprise anyone in a water balloon battle!

"As Seen on TV" Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I can’t think of a more exciting way to enjoy family time together! Can you?

You can purchase this fun gift at retailers nationwide and on Color Burst Balloons website for $12.99.

Woof Washer for Dog Loving Moms

If your mom loves their dog like mine does, the Woof Washer is for her!  She’ll be able to keep her pooch clean with 360 degrees of washing action.

"As Seen on TV" Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Simply slide the ring from head to toe while the soap and water instantly mix for a sudsy solution that will make bath time quick and easier than ever.

You can find the Woof Washer at retailers nationwide and Woof Washer website for $19.99.

Prevent the Angry Mama

Does it irritate your mom when people don’t cover their food with a paper towel before microwaving food?  The Angry Mama is for her.

"As Seen on TV" Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This “As Seen on TV” gadget cleans, disinfects, and refreshes the inside of microwaves in only 5 minutes!  It is hilarious how the steams comes out of the Angry Mama while she cleans. Remind you of anyone you know?! ha

You can make mom happy with the Angry Mama by purchasing at retailers nationwide and on Bulbhead website for $9.99.

It is hard to pick just one As Seen on TV item as they are all so clever! Pick out a few for your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, friends, and yourself!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this affordable and unique Mother’s Day gift ideas!

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