Athletic Shorts with Hidden Pockets – Perfect for Phones & Insulin Pumps

running shorts with pocket for phone or insulin pump

Where do you put your phone when  you are running? It’s the same issue Type 1 Diabetics face for their insulin pump for every single outfit. My daughter wears an insulin pump and absolutely loves her new Senita Athletics running shorts that we received for this review. With these athletic shorts, she can carry both her cell phone and insulin pump with the back and hidden pockets.P1540074

On the outside, they look like stylish running shorts but these running shorts offer more than the average short. These running shorts have hidden compression shorts underneath that make running, climbing, and playing on the playground a lot more modest for kids (my daughter is wearing the women size XS). For women, the same runs true in addition to the availability of more pockets for essentials.

The Swift Shorts have a small hidden pocket for your cell phone on compression layer. It stays secure against your leg no matter what you are doing.

running shorts with hidden pocket

If you are a diabetic, you could also put your insulin pump in this pocket which is especially useful if your site is on your leg. My daughter doesn’t use this site location but when she decides to, I’ll add a small hole on the inside of the compression short and reinforce stitch the hole so the insulin tube can be weaved through it.

What we like most is the pocket about all of the Senita running shorts are the back zippered pockets. My daughter places her insulin pump there and it is out of her way all day. She can go to school, run, and play without worrying about the pump getting in her way.P1540084

It’s not noticeable either, especially when her shirt is over the back pocket. Finding a place to put your insulin pump that isn’t noticeable is a challenge everyday for diabetics. P1540082

We also have the Rosa running shorts. These shorts also have the hidden compression layer underneath and the back zippered pocket. running shorts with hidden pocket

If you are a runner, you’ll also appreciate the extra hidden pocket in the waistband for a key. Or, if you are a diabetic, it is a great place for glucose tabs or sugar for a low. These shorts also offer a hidden pocket in the compression shorts – perfect for a cell phone, cash, or insulin pump.

running shorts with pocket for phone or insulin pump
You can purchase Senita Athletics running shorts, pants, shirts, and more on the Senita website at very reasonable pricing.

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