Pack Healthier Snacks & Drinks for Your Kids with this Reusable Product

snack-in-a-box review

My kids’ biggest complaint about packing snacks for school is that they get crushed in their book bags (juice boxes do the same thing).  Another problem for the environment is all the waste when we pack snacks in single use bags.

I’ve found a reusable product that allows me to pack healthier snack and drinks for my kids.p1540747

Snack in the Box and Drink in the Box solves both problems, offering a reusable-way to pack healthy snacks that won’t get smooched. Plus, they great for portion control!

My kids enjoy using their Snack in the Box at school, on trips, and on-the-go. It is perfect for packing things like berries because they don’t get mushy. My kids enjoy having something crunchy with their fruit snacks. I normally pair fruit with nuts, popcorn, and dried fruit crisps. I’ve found it makes for an easy and visually enticing snack for my kids. snack-in-a-box review
The snack box has two individual containers with pop-up tops that can be opened one at a time or completely taken off. I like that I can pop it in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning too. Save money by skipping prepacked snacks and pack your own, healthier snacks.

We’ve been using Drink in the Box for the past year or so. It allows me to pack healthier drinks for my kids for snack, lunch, and sports without adding waste of disposable juice boxes to the landfills! Did you know that 1 trillion juice boxes are thrown into the landfills every 5 years? That’s crazy!

drink in the box

My kids’ friends are always asking where they got their Drink in the Box because they are so cool. Since my kids are Type 1 Diabetic, I cannot send them to school with sugary juice boxes and sports drinks. With Drink in the Box, I can send water and low carb drinks that I prepare at home. Water with fresh fruit is always very enticing, an easy way to make sure your kids are drinking enough water. Drink in the Box been an excellent solution for us.

My kids are getting older and require more to drink, so I’m so excited they added a 12 oz size. Drink in a Box

This is perfect for vigorous workouts or just to pack for drinks all day at school or while traveling.Drink in a Box

You can purchase Snack in the Box and Drink in the Box on the Drink in the Box website and on

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