A Girly Princess Makeover for Minecraft

Pink House in Minecraft

Minecraft for Girls?  It’s happened in my house.  With the influence of her older brother, 6 year old Elizabeth has taken to building wandering mazes, castles and staircases in Minecraft.
girl minecraft suit
Her likes and dislikes showcase what her desire is and how she wants to play Minecraft.  She loves building with light, red organized brick, and adding villagers. She’s not interested in fighting monsters. This obviously reflects how most girls ( I think ) tend to play- no violence, and neatly organized lines and shapes, sort of how she sets up her toys and room.

However, above all, the Minecraft game does not look like my daughter’s room.  Pink paint,  white and pink flooring, white and pink bedding, white furniture, princess-ness everywhere, girly toys, Dora, a tea set… there’s just no matching the earthy tones of Minecraft mud with her color scheme!

Make Minecraft Look like a Girl’s Room

Decorate in Girl Designs in Minecraft
It took some searching, and her brother will have some issues with it, but my husband found a beautiful girl-oriented texture pack that replaces the plain earthy colors of Minecraft.  My husband explains:

A Resource Pack is a set of colors, textures and sometimes sounds that replace the plain colors and textures in Minecraft.

pink and purple colors for minecraft

With the right designing talent, castle interiors and exteriors can take on the look and feel and start ‘reaking of feminine beauty’, to quote Donkey from Shrek…

MInecraft blocks for girls

It’s not 100% freakazoid pink and purple however- there’s plenty of real world colors left over to allow the flowers, pinks, purples, and tea sets to accent!

Minecraft Resource Pack for Girls

Video showcasing all of the colors and textures of the Lolita Princess Pack

Video of a Girly House in Minecraft


Although my daughter (and son) continue to harass me about playing Minecraft, it’s just not my thing.  But, I’m not against it as a video game as it allows plenty of room for creativity, and now I can support my daughter in showing her she can have it her way if she wants.

Download the Resource Pack

The Lolita Princess Pack (Japanese Sweet Lolita Fashion crossed with everything cute and fanciful) is a download you can access here (for Minecraft 1.6.2).  To read more about the resource pack, go here. Just don’t get lost in the mess of advertisements on your way to the download!!

But What is a Minecraft Resource Pack and how do I install it.

  • Download the resource pack zip file to your Desktop or similar.
  • Unzip (extract) the file into a new directory
  • Start Minecraft
  • Click the “Options” button from inside the game.
  • Click the “Resource Packs” button.
  • Click the “Open resource packs folder” button.
  • A folder on your computer will open. Don’t close it! Find the resource pack folder that you just made and move it into this folder.
  • Go back into Minecraft. Your new resource pack should be showing in the list. Select it and start playing!

A Minecraft Offer on AkronOhioMoms

If your son or daughter creates something cool in Minecraft, or if you find something that represents the Akron Area, please send it our way- we’d be glad to post it as a interesting story to our readers.

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