Animalz: Safe Headphones For Kids Christmas Gifts

Do you have little ones who love to listen to music or play on tablets? Both my boys love playing their tablets and Kelton loves to listen to his mp3player, but with the age gap between them it often means I am hearing Kidzbop music and Kiernan’s educational games at the same time. Sometimes I make one of them turn the volume completely off. Now they can both listen with out me going crazy, Thanks to Animalz!

Kiernan Loves his AnimalzI received product to facilitate this post.

What are Animalz?

ReTrak made this amazing line, Animalz retractable headphones. They are made just for children designed with volume limiting technology so your child can’t turn the volume above 85 decibels. The high quality components and the built-in retractable cable mean no more tangled cords and a happy mom! The plush stuffed Animalz feeling and cute animal designs make you child more comfortable about wearing headphones. My boys didn’t hesitate to pop on their Animalz. Kiernan kept telling me “Mama it’s SOOO soft.” They really are very soft! They want to use them all the time.

Kelton surf DawgsEnjoying Peace

With both boys being such different ages and having different interests long car trips over the holidays tend to include poking, fighting and sighs of annoyance. Generally they get along for about an hour and then then, well they behave like children.:) We have family all over the state and car trips are a normal part of our Christmas! I am looking forward to more peaceful trips in our future with Animalz. I love that even when they max out the volume on their devices I know their ears are safe!  I also don’t have to hear 2 different games or songs at the same time now!

Ah! So peaceful.
Ah! So peaceful.

Animalz Options

My boys love thier Skate Monkeez  and Surf Dawgz but there are more. Your little ones might enjoy one of their other adorable Animalz they have Biker Bearz, DJ Pandaz, Jam Bunneez, and Scuba Shark.animalz

Where to Buy

Animalz are available at retailers including, Best Buy and Toys“R”Us.   *Panda and shark designs are available at Best Buy as of Nov. 3, 2014, and are exclusive to them until March 2015.

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