Create a Doll that Looks Like Your Daughter with My Twinn Doll

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Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind special gift for your girl? How about a doll that is customized to look like your daughter? My Twinn Dolls are created by skilled artisans to look like your daughter from the face shape to hand painted facial features to perfectly matching hair.

My Twinn Doll Review

Elizabeth couldn’t be more proud of her My Twinn Doll. She takes her everywhere and even sleeps with her at night.   Everything from the eyes, facial features, eyebrows, and style of hair is a perfect match. This is more than a doll or toy for Elizabeth, it is an heirloom quality doll that she can pass onto her daughter one day.

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The My Twinn Doll would make an amazing Christmas present from parents, grandparents, and other special people in your girl’s life. To have a customized doll that looks just like you is one-of-a-kind excitement.  If you have a mom, grandma, sister, or friend that has everything, consider making them their own My Twinn Doll too.  All you need are photos of them when they were 3-12.  My Twinn Doll also makes customized dolls for boys.

How to Make a Customized Doll with My Twinn Doll

Creating your customized doll with My Twinn Doll is easy and fun. Elizabeth and I sat down together to design her doll. The first step is to select your customized doll’s skin color, eye color, and hair color. There are many choices from each category to get the perfect match. The next step is to customize the hair by length, texture, and style.

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Next, choose from one of 6 outfits. You can even buy a matching outfit for your daughter for $50. The 4th step is to add freckles, birthmarks, or mole with the freckling sheet. The artist will add such features by hand for FREE. The 5th step is to submit photos. You will be asked to email or mail 3 photos of your daughter. These photos should be only of your daughter and display her facial features and smile. The last step is to add optional accessories like earrings, sunglasses, brush, care kit, and more.

Once you send your information and photos to My Twinn Doll, skilled artisans will start creating your doll. After they select a matching face, they will hand-paint eyebrows, cheeks, lips, and birthmarks to match your girl. A hair stylist will create a matching hairstyle that you request.  You can wet, dry, comb, and even curl your doll’s hair at home to match your girl’s hair day to day.

My Twinn Doll is a Poseable Doll

My Twinn Dolls have soft bodies that are great for hugging with high quality polyurethane petroleum based vinyl arms, legs, and head that have 18 points of poseability. The 23″ doll is the perfect size to play with, dress, and hold for girls.  Elizabeth and I have had so much fun posing her My Twinn Doll. She is super flexible!

My Twinn Dolls can stand without support in many ways, moving her arms, legs, and head for various poses.

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My Twinn Dolls can sit in many poses as well. This makes her perfect for tea parties, playing next to your daughter, sitting on the floor, and even snuggling on the couch watching a movie.

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Elizabeth just took a gymnastics class, so she was thrilled that her My Twinn Doll could do all the stretches that she does!

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Buy My Twinn Doll

You can buy a My Twinn Doll on the website for $149. The process from start to finish is about 3 weeks.

To order in time for Christmas, your order must be in by December 12. All rush orders must be in by December 14 to receive your doll by December 24th.

Join their Refer a Friend Program and earn a $25 My Twinn Coupon per order places for a My Twinn or My BFF Doll.

Win My Twinn Doll

The My Twinn Doll website is giving away one My Twinn Doll. Enter to win, contest ends December 5, 2011.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to My Twinn Doll who provided the products for review through Team Mom. 

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