The Stuffed Animal that Transforms into a Hoodie!

With three children, my sister claims that stuffed animals have taken over her house. She strictly limits the number of new stuffed animals entering her home. Every child needs a new stuffed animal, especially toddlers. Thus my dilemma.

My solution is the Cub Coats 2-in-1 stuffed animal hoodie, it is a win-win for everyone!

My baby nephew wouldn’t let go of his Flynn the Fox Cub Coat the entire time unwrapping Christmas presents!

Cub Coats let your kiddos stay warm while never being without their cuddly stuffed animal friend. This innovative children’s apparel item is both a warm hoodie and a stuffed animal. It is perfect for the 2-5 year old market who can’t live without their stuffed friends.

My nephew is looking adorable in his Flynn the Fox Cub Coat hoodie too! It is stylish, soft, and warm.

When he’s not wearing his hoodie, it becomes his favorite stuffed animal. He never leaves home without it because he is wearing it. Transforming from a stuffed animal to a jacket and vice versa is easy. Unzip the back of the stuffed animal and roll out the jacket to reveal the wearable fleece.

The best part for mom is that this hoodie/stuffed animal is 100% machine washable.

This is an excellent product for families with young children. I find it especially helpful while traveling as this item does double duty so you can pack light. It is also very useful for young children in preschool and kindergarten as the stuffed animal is always with them even when they aren’t really suppose to be bringing toys to school. It’s an added layer of convert to young children.

Cub Coats are made of extra soft material that is cozy for wearing and soft for snuggling. This machine washable fleece is available for kids ages 2-5 for about $59. Choose from Bear, Fox, Panda, Bunny, Puppy, Tiger, Whale and Kitty Cub Coats on

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