Disney’s Wheres My Water? Review

Disney's Where's My Water? Review

Kids ages 5 and up will have a blast with Disney’s Wheres My Water? Based on the award-winning app, in this game, the goal is to get the “water” running in Swampy the alligator’s shower.  To do this, you must send blue marbles down the pipes to see if they make it into your side of Swampy’s tub. This is a fun and challenging game that changes with every turn!

Disney's Where's My Water? Review
Disney’s Where’s My Water? Review

To start the game, draw a card. From the card, you will design the layout of the Disney’s Wheres My Water? gameboard. There are 3 different levels of cards to choose from.  What is so cool about this game is that every turn is like playing a different game in which you have to come up with a whole new strategy.

The goal is to earn the most points by getting blue or yellow marbles on your side of the tub while avoiding the purple toxic marble. The winner earns a card, the person who earns 3 cards first wins the game.  The game is meant for 2 players but can be played solo as well.

Disney's Wheres My Water?
Disney’s Wheres My Water?

Disney’s Wheres My Water? was inspired by the award-winning app! Obstacles and traps! With purchase of the Disney’s Wheres My Water? game, you will have access to a secret level in the Disney’s Wheres My Water? App! Getting to the secret level is easy once you know the trick but you’ll have to buy the game to find them out. 😉

Disney's Wheres My Water?
Disney’s Wheres My Water?

For Pheaneas and Ferb fans, you can even switch out the backdrop and alligator for Perry! I know that both my son and daughter are going to love it this way the best!!

Buy Disney’s Wheres My Water?

Disney’s Wheres My Water? is a great game to add to your Christmas list this year for kids ages 5 and up!  Both boys and girls will enjoy this game – it is a fun game for family night too!

You can buy Disney’s Wheres My Water? on the Hasbro website for $19.99 as well as at Toys R Us, Meijer, Target, Kmart, and on Amazon.com.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Hasbro who provided the product for review.

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