Limit Screen Time with a Rocket Launch!

estes Air Rocket Launch Set

Do you sometimes find yourself telling your kids to “just go outside and play”? We limit screen time in our house but it can be difficult in the summer, especially when they proclaim that there is nothing to do outside. In our house, that doesn’t fly. But rockets do! When you give your kids something fun and engaging to play with limiting screen time isn’t a problem. Who doesn’t like a good rocket launch?!

Check out my kids playing with the Estes Whirlwind Launcher – powered by nothing more than pressurized air!

I received product to facilitate this post.
whirlwind-rocket-launcherThe Estes Whirlwind Launcher is one of many air rockets by Estes, perfect for keeping kids (and adults) entertained this summer – and really all year long. The Whirlwind Air Rocket is ready to fly with little assembly. It is perfect for kids ages 10+, under adult supervision until age 12. It rockets up into the sky 150 feet! We were amazed at how fast and how high this air rocket flew! I whirls straight up into the sky for maximum distance.

My kids like to do it over and over at home, at the park, and especially with friends. Who knew something that cost under $10 could be so entertaining! Not only that, kids that play with air rockets often continue their interest in science, math, engineering, technology, and space travel. Who knows what kind of stepping stone this air rocket could be!

For younger children, check out the Mini Blaster™ Air Rocket Launch Set.

This mini blaster is portable and ready to go within a few minutes for kids of all ages.

Mini Blaster™ Air Rocket Launch Set

This set comes with everything you need to jet your air rocket up 50 feet into the air! Kids simply stomp on the rubber ball to launch!  This set comes with two rockets for kids to experiment to see which one goes further, straighter, etc. It is a great toy to keep with you in the car for impromptu trips to the park too!  Purchase this set for just $12.99.

We live in a digital age where everything has an app. Let’s not do our kids a disservice by making everything in their life on a screen. Have some real life fun outside with products likes these air rockets. Trust me, they will remember the fun they have playing with these air rockets with you more than they will ever remember the latest app or game they find on your smartphone.

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