Fun Caillou Doll & Caillou Bath Time Vehicle Review

picture of Elizabeth hugging Caillou Doll

Caillou is one of my favorite kids shows. Caillou is a kind and lovable boy that is so real in behavior and curiosity. He is a good example of a child that is around 3-5 years old. He makes mistakes and learns from them which is a valuable example for kids watching the show.  He isn’t perfect, just like kids in real life. Being that he is a fun character that kids can relate to, I’m sure your kids will flip over the new line of Caillou toys just like mine did over the new Caillou Doll & Bath Time Vehicle.

Caillou Classic 14.5 inch Doll Review

When Elijah was around 2 or 3, we looked for a boy doll in stores with no luck. That was about the time that my daughter was born, many books talked about preparing siblings for babies with dolls. This is much easier to do if the older sibling is a girl! Plus, Elijah liked to carry around stuffed toys and liked Elizabeth’s dolls. Oh how I wish the Caillou Classic 14.5 inch Doll was available just a couple years earlier!

picture of Caillou Classic 14.5 Inch Doll
Caillou Classic 14.5 Inch Doll

This Caillou Doll is for ages 12 months and up with the target age of 3-5. This doll is great for boys and girls. The doll is in the familiar outfit from the tv series that kids will recognize, right down to the ball cap on his adorable bald head. He is super snuggly with a soft body and even his realistic looking legs and arms are made of a softer vinyl that is also easy to clean.

picture of Caillou Classic Doll is ready for snuggles
Caillou Classic Doll is ready for snuggles

Elizabeth thought it was very cool to have a boy doll as all of her other dolls are girls. She has 3 younger nephews that are all under 4 months old, so it is great practice for her with holding boy babies. She just loves to hug and hold her Caillou Doll.

picture of Elizabeth hugging Caillou Doll
Elizabeth hugging Caillou Doll

Buy Caillou Classic 14.5 inch Doll

Perfect for boys and girls ages 12 months and up, this is a wonderful birthday gift, Easter gift, Christmas gift for Caillou fans in your life. You can buy the Caillou Doll at Toys R Us or on for $29- 59.99.

Caillou Bath Time Vehicle Review

Kids can never have enough bath toys! I was thrilled to find a new and exciting Caillou theme bath toy, the Caillou Bath Time Vehicle. The Caillou boat is the same vivid primary colors that Caillou wears of green, yellow, blue, and red. Bath time at our house is play time, it always has been. It is very rare that we don’t have a “play bath” and just a “quick bath”. Bath time is a fun time for kids to use their imagination in fun and creative ways, mostly involving the ocean, sea life, and such. The bath tub is a great playground.

picture of Caillou Bath Time Vehiclel
Caillou Bath Time Vehiclel

The Caillou Bath Time Vehicle is an excellent addition to any bath time “playground”.  It has a very fun and easy to use under water motor. Just pull the wind-up string and watch the boat go! The boat comes with a Caillou toy, his trusty buddy, Rexie the blue dinosaur, and a red sail on top. It is a nice size toy too, measuring about 8 inches long. It has plenty of room for other bath toys to get on board and sail the ocean blue with Caillou and your child.

Both my kids ages 4 & 6 like this new bath toy.  Caillou has gone to mermaid island with Elizabeth and he’s traveled to the adventurous land of sea monsters and dinosaurs with Elijah!

Buy Caillou Bath Time Vehicle

The Caillou Bath Time Vehicle is a fun addition to any kids collection of bath toys. It is for kids ages 12 months and up. It would be a fun birthday gift, Easter gift, or Christmas gift for boys or girls. You can buy the Caillou Bath Time Vehicle at Toys R Us for $16.99.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Cookie Jar for the products for review.

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    We just started watching this show. I totally approve. I don’ t have to worry with this one!

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