Get Ready for Fun with Reverse Charades! Must-Have Family Party Game for Christmas

Reverse Charades Game Boxes

Reverse Charades is a laugh-out-loud fun family party game for ages 6 and up.  Reverse Charades is very similar to the classic game of charades but in a more hilarious way!  Instead of multiple guessers and 1 person acting out the word, with Reverse Charades, you have multiple people acting out the word with one guesser. It is hilarious to see everyone trying to act out the word the way they see it – it is amazing how one word and look 5 different ways with 5 different people acting!

Reverse Charades Game Boxes

Check out how fun Reverse Charades is with this video!

When I was growing up, we often would visit family and friends for game night. I was so excited when I became a 5th grader and was finally old enough to play some of the board and card games that the adults were playing.  My husband and I have always enjoyed game night with friends and now with our family. Adding a fun game like Reverse Charades is just what we needed. Something active, something fun, and something that brings the whole family and friends together.

Let The Fun Begin

Playing Reverse Charades is easy enough for a 6 year old but fun for all ages! You will need teams of 3 or more each, so invite some friends over and have some good ol’ clean fun!  I love that Reverse Charades is a family party game that both kids and adults can play together. Even young kids can act out the words – right alongside their mom, grandpa, and cousin!  Keeping score is easy too, there are no complicated score boards, dice, or complicated rules.

The words that you act out are easy enough even for kids to know, so people that get intimidated by complicated games can relax and have fun with Reverse Charades. Plus, with Reverse Charades, you are never the only one acting out in front of the entire group – so go with it – be as silly as you want!

Reverse Charades Junior

Reverse Charades Junior is specifically made for kids ages 6 and up, and is especially great for tweens and teens. If your family enjoys family game night, the Reverse Charades Junior would be your best choice. It also makes for a great slumber party, birthday party, and playdate game!

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Buy Reverse Charades and Reverse Charades  Junior

Reverse Charades is the must-have family party game for Christmas! Buy one for your family, friends, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

You can buy Reverse Charades on the Reverse Charades website, at a local retailer , or on for about $23.99.  In the Akron, Ohio area, you can find Reverse Charades at Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble,  and Hartville Collectibles.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Reverse Charades who provided the products for review.

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