Kid-tough USB Drive in fun Sesame Street designs with full length video makes practical, fun Christmas present

picture of Sesame Street Video USB Drives

Leave it up to Sesame Street to make education and technology fun! Their new product, the Sesame Street USB drives is no exception. This fun and practical kids product allows your child to take not only their favorite character with them but a full Sesame Street video and 400 of their favorite songs, photos, and more.

picture of Sesame Street Video USB Drives
Sesame Street Video USB Drives

The kid-tough USB drive is waterproof, dustproof and drop proof, not a bad idea for moms either! I could see myself using this USB drive myself, who says grown ups have to be boring?!

Each Sesame Street Video USB Drive comes with character-specific full length video. Don’t worry, no matter what, you OR your child cannot accidentally erase the video, so it is safe. Plus, there is the flexibility to storing all of your kids favorite songs, photos, and more all on their special USB drive.

Hands On Review of Sesame Street Cookie Monster USB Drive

I saw the Sesame Street USB drive in a parenting magazine just the other day as a great traveling with kids product. It makes sense! Simply use the  USB on your laptop or netbook and your child can watch their favorite Sesame Street character in a full length video. Plus, you can have that video and more for traveling in the car, on an airplane, at the babysitters, or at grandma’s house.  It is very convenient because it is small, yet durable because it is made for kids.

picture of Sesame Street Video Cookie Monster USB Drive
Sesame Street Video Cookie Monster USB Drive

I was surprised when I opened the package to see that you can wear the USB drive. It comes with flexible bands similar to a kids hair pony tie making it easy for a grown up or a kid to wear the USB drive on their wrist. You can also attach it to a backpack, over night bag, or use as a hair pony tie.

picture of Cookie Monster Video USB on wrist
Cookie Monster Video USB on wrist

So, how does the Sesame Street Video USB work?

If you know how to use a USB drive, you already know how to use the Sesame Street Video USB drive. Simply open drive cap which is the head of your character. Their is a special connector strap that keeps your character and drive secure when connected.

Sesame Street Cookie Monster USB Open

The easy Plug ‘n Play feature automatically opens. It allows you to watch video, access personal information, or connect directly to the Sesame Street website. It is just one easy click to the movie, website, or personal storage.

The Cookie Monster USB drive comes with the video Cookie Monster’s Best Bites, with clips of favorite videos of Cookie Monster. My kids love the video and have watched it several times already.

picture of Cookie Monsters Best Bites
Cookie Monsters Best Bites

The Sesame Street Video USB is so easy to use, a child can do it. My 5 year old son can do it, he loves having his own “computer stuff”. It makes him feel grown up. I like that it is teaching him responsibility too with a product designed for kids use. Plus, it is so easy that if he goes to a friend’s house or grandma’s house, he knows how to do it himself so little adult supervision/help is needed. Remember how I said he can’t accidentally delete the movie, plus he can’t scratch or break the movie like he could a DVD!

This fun product is great for kids of all ages, including adults.  If you are looking for a practical, yet fun Christmas present, Birthday gift, or just for fun kids gift, consider the Sesame Street Video USB Drive.

Buy Sesame Street Video USB Drive

You can buy the Sesame Street Video USB Drive with all your kids favorite characters by following these links to Cookie Monster (Cookie Monster’s Best Bites), Elmo (Best of Elmo), Big Bird (Do The Alphabet), Ernie (Bert & Ernie’s World Play), Grover (Celebration of Me, Grover), and Abby Cadabby (Abby In Wonderland). You can also purchase Sesame Street Video USB Drives at,, and the Sesame Street store.  Prices vary between $25-35 each.

Find out more on Sesame Street USB website and on Sesame Street Facebook page.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to  Sesame Street who provided the product for review through Team Mom.

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