Kung Zhu Battle Tanks in Action: Product Review

picture of Kids love Kung Zhu Tanks

Kung Zhu Battle Tanks

As we all know, all battles are not held in the arena! A Zhu Zhu pet has to be prepared! These toys are quite separate from the arena and kids can enjoy them without as many add-ons that using the arena seems to require. My kids love the large size of the tanks and the speed at which they roam. Pairing the tanks with a Zhu Zhu pet is an easy way to introduce Kung Zhu to your kids before piecing together all of the arena and gear.

picture of Kung Zhu Tanks
Kung Zhu Tanks

Kung Zhu Battle Tanks in Action!

Kung Zhu Special Forces Tanks

To keep your Special Forces safe and prepared out of the arena, the Kung Zhu Vehicle Special Forces Rhino Tank is heavily armored with gatling quad cannons to blast their enemies! The cannons actually move from side to side as the tanks moves. Just pop in your Kung Zhu pet inside the tank, press his back to activate him and he’s off. He’ll go in all directions. Sometimes they will back out and leave their tanks, it’s a riot!

The Special forces are also prepared with my kids’ favorite Kung Zhu Vehicle Special Forces Buzzsaw. Not only does this tank have cool missiles but also two giant spinning battle blades that look like chain saws. They move all around giving this tank a lot of action while the Zhu Zhu hamster drives all around. This would be my top choice as an intro to Kung Zhu for all the action, bright colors, and great price.

picture of Kids love Kung Zhu Tanks
Kids love Kung Zhu Tanks

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Mom Select and Zhu Zhu Pets who provided the products for the review.

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