Lamaze: Toys for Babies of All Ages

There are so many toys out in the world that finding the right toy for your child can sometimes be difficult. Do you pick ones with lights, or sounds, or textures?  How do you know it’s the best stage for your babies age? Lamaze has taken the stress out of deciding what toys are best when!

lamaze ages stagesI received product to facilitate this post.

Is My Baby Ready for this?

Lamaze has a wonderful color coded system to help guide you! Yellow dots are our favorite, they are the Play and Grow toys which means they are great from newborns to 2 year olds. The two Play and Grow toys we have are My Friend Emily (msrp: $15.99) and Flip Flap Dragon (msrp:$15.99). Scarlett adores My Friend Emily she can chew on Emily’s bracelets and when she shakes her Emily’s necklace rattles. The card that Emily comes on says she jingles and has a squeaker but I don’t hear a bell and can’t find a squeaker but her dress and shoes are crinkly and she is very soft.Playing with Flip Flap Dragon

Flip Flap Dragon is an exciting little toy, Scarlett can’t use him entirely on her own, but she loves when we play together with her. Flip Flap Dragon flaps his wings after you pull on him, he has crinkly feet which are fun to squeeze and there is a squeaker in his nose. He is adorable and made from different types of materials/textures.

My first fish bowl

Learning Through Play

One of my favorite things about Lamaze toys is that my children are learning though play.I love the Lamaze soft books like Shine-a-Light Freddie (msrp: $14.99)are simple introduction to letters, story telling and so much more. Scarlett also loves  the My First Fishbowl(msrp$23.99), we love to count the sea creatures and talk about the colors. Each sea creature sounds different and Scarlett loves shaking them and chewing on them! (There isn’t any actual water in the fish bowl.) It’s so nice that we are just having fun but I know she is learning.


Where To Buy Lamaze Toys

Lamaze toys are available online and in local retailers. They are available at both Walmart and ToysRUs Stores. Don’t forget to check those colored dots as a guide for gifting Lamaze toys for their recommended ages!

This was not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you to Tomy for supplying product to review.

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