MORPHOLOGY – a Family Creativity Game with Props!

Family Game Night has been a struggle in our household.  With a mix of ages, its hard to decide between Candy Land and Trivial Pursuit, Between Connect 4 and Pictionary.  I had a chance to review the Morphology game and am pleasantly surprised at how well the game translated its excitement across the ages in my family -I’ll describe below, but first, what the game is about!

The Contents of the Morphology Board Game
Inside the Box of the Morphology Board Game

MORPHOLOGY is a Award Winning Board Game that fits into a box about the size of a 2 lb pasta box.  Its creative colors on the outside of the box(which translate to the inside) TELL the story of how the game is going to be played- which offers instant excitement for the recipient of this game, or the guest at your table that you’ve asked to play!

The Morphology Game Board with Pieces on it
Spreading out the pieces for Morphology

There are a variety of pieces in the MORPHOLOGY box.  Through the process of advancing through spaces on a game board, players are asked to create objects that are described on the game cards, and have other players guess about them.  Game cards ( seen below) contain usually one noun concepts, objects, or actions that can be described with the supplied components.  I stress can- because- not every card is easy!

Morphology Game Cards spread Across the Game Board
Game Cards included in the Game- Easy And Hard levels

Each card has a HARD/EASY option that allows players to pay at their own speed.

Calculator Card and Concept with Morphology
Creating a Calculator in Morphology

Some objects, like this calculator, seem easy to create.  Others, like the apple below, are more difficult, or, were difficult for the creator.  Scale can make a big difference in your effort!

AN Apple Design- by Morphology
Sometimes you just have to use Colors to Make an Apple- HARD!

Besides the creativity of the creator- the players who are doing the guessing have to be creative as well- its hard to imagine water as small plastic squares- but, you have to!

A Bubble Bath- Created in Morphology
Try to Create A Bubble Bath with Hard Objects! Its Crazy!

As with any create/draw/mold and GUESS game, MORPHOLOGY lends itself to allowing items to be created that are the wrong guesses- the below word was color- however the color wheel, appears more like a clock.. Kinda funny-except when your  partners can’t guess it!

Creative Color Wheel
Is it a Color Wheel, or a Clock? You'll be the one guessing

What Ages can Play MORPHOLOGY?

I have a 16, 14, 13 and 4 year old.  The MORPHOLOGY game is rated for ages 13 and up.  Some of the twists in the game like “create with your eyes closed” or, create with only one hand are certainly too hard for my youngest Olivia.  But, she loves to participate and help with all of the colored pieces.  Its exciting enough to hold her interest- and for that I am grateful.  However, because of the creative thinking that is required to properly convey a thought, many of the HARD words do require a 13 year old’s brain.

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