Nickelodeon Gak and Floam Review

picture of Gak is fun

Leave it to Nickelodeon to give kids exactly what they want. Nickelodeon knows how to entertain kids for hours on the TV, now they are entertaining kids at home with Nickelodeon Gak and Floam!  I was so excited to introduce these two super fun, completely Nickelodeon toys to my kids. It is a blast from the past! You may remember Gak and Floam from the 1990’s, well, now it is back and improved!

Nickelodeon Gak is Back!

My kids immediately fell in love with the stretchy and squishy Gak. When I said, “Gak is Back!”, the phrase instantly stuck with them and they’ve been saying it for days. My son took his Gak to school for show and tell – Sorry teachers, he took it to his Cub Scouts meeting, to church. Obviously these are the places for messy things but this Gak stuff is so cool that kids just have to share with their friends!

Nickelodeon Gak Video

You can have hours of fun with Gak. Trust me, my kids have! You can manipulate it by squeezing, squashing, stretching, twisting, rolling, bouncing, and blowing it.  The best way to show you have much fun your kids will have with Gak is to show you pictures.

[slickr-flickr tag=funwithgak]

Blowing bubbles with Gak is so much fun, even for moms. It took a little practice but then my kids got the hang of it. It is so much fun for them to try to make the biggest Gak bubble!

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My kids loved the noises Gak makes when squished and pressed into a container too. You can store Gak in its own air-tight container to keep it fresh.

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Nickelodeon Floam

Floam is great for creative play!  It is made up of a bunch of tiny balls that mold together. It has a soft, squishy consistency that can be flattened, rolled, and shaped into anything.  Your kids can mold and sculpt anything their imagination can dream up.

picture of Floam
Nickelodeon Floam

You can mold Floam into works of art that can be hardened and kept. You can even mold things like flower pots, picture frames, and toys but my kids just enjoyed molding, cutting, shaping, and flattening it. If you let it dry, it hardens into what ever you created or you can put it back into its air-tight container to play with it again.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Child’s Play who supplied the products for the review.

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