Organize Your Child’s Room with P’kolino Mess Eaters

I’m always looking for ways to get my kids interested in cleaning their room. Yes…it is a difficult task, but when I received a P’kolino Mess Eater toy trunk, my kids actually did get excited.

For the first time I heard, “Cleaning is actually fun, Mom!” from my oldest daughter. This is no joke!

My daughters were so excited get their Mess Eater in their room, I was lucky that set up was as simple as removing the Mess Eater trunk from the bag and putting in the flat bottom and standing it up!

PkolinoRoomI received product to facilitate this post.

Get Your Kids Excited about Clean Up Time with P’kolino Mess Eaters

Clean up time in my house usually consists of me standing over my daughters as they clean up, encouraging them on their way and trying to keep them on task with a little nagging here and there. Not my idea of fun and I know my kids don’t love it either.

As soon as I set up the P’kolino Mess Eater toy trunk, I told the girls which toys should go into it. It was as simple as telling them that this little creature that I brought to their room is called a Mess Eater, it’s favorite food is toys and that it was time to “feed the Mess Eater.”

They happily cleaned up their room quickly without complaint and giggling told me, “The Mess Eater’s belly is full!”

The P'kolino Mess Eater toy trunk holds all of my girls' larger toys that are otherwise awkwardly stacked along the walls in my children's room.
The P’kolino Mess Eater toy trunk holds all of my girls’ larger toys that are otherwise awkwardly stacked along the walls in my children’s room.

Making clean up time a time for pretending and play made it fun for my girls to clean their room, and has me wondering what other P’kolino products I might be buying to complete my kids room to make it more functional and add a splash of fun and color.

P’kolino is Easily Accessible to Everyone

Whatever you may need for your children’s room and playroom, P’kolino has! They have clean lines and modern style,with splashes of color and awesome organization products that are sturdy and get your child excited to pretend and play.

You can purchase P’kolino products at Target, as well as, and Amazon.

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This is not a paid post. All opinions and statements were my own. Thank you to P’kolino for providing the Mess Eater for review.

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