Party Favors Kids Love for Halloween, Birthdays, and More

I love planning parties for my kids’ birthdays and their school parties for all the holidays! There are so many party favors available and it can be hard to choose the ones kids will want and enjoy long after the party. I’ve found a couple that were a HUGE hit at my son’s school Halloween party – one for boys and for girls.

The Trash Pack Trashies!

There couldn’t be a better suited party favor for Halloween or any boy party than The Trash Pack Trashies!! They are small collectible characters with gross names like

appropriately gross they are – The Trash Pack Trashies. Trashies are small, collectible character with gross out names kids love like: Car-Rot – rotten, soggy carrot, Mushy Mango – a bitter, mushy mango, Puke Cakes – putrid pancakes, Stinky Ring – crusty, oily onion rings, and so many grubby more!

I received product to facilitate this post.

The Trash Pack Trashies are huge in the toy collectibles market right now! They are on their 5th series offering the collectibles in newer and more disgusting designs as well as toys, vehicles, display cases, sets, and accessories. When my son handed out the Trashies at the class party, all the boys were super excited to show each other their gross toy! They compared and a some even traded them.P1140574They are the perfect size for party favors and come in various size packs up to a 12 pack. Girls also like Trashies, surprisingly! Check out my post from last year when we handed them out for girls and boys. P1140580Trashies are great at party favors for any kids’ event as well as for handing out for Trick or Treating!

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Glitzi Globes!

Glitzi Globes are the newest miniature collectible sensation to hit the market for girls this year! They are miniature snow globes that kids can make and customize. All the third grader girls LOVED the Glitzi Globes! 

P1140548Each Glitzi Globe pack comes with everything you need to create your own snow globe including a snow dome, base, miniature character, pop stick for assembly, floating charms, glitter tablet for sparkle and shine, and instruction booklet Without any assistance from me, the girls opened their packages and created their snow globes from the in-class sink! They were gigging with excitement!P1140578There are 6 different Glitzi Globe themes to collect. You can also wear them as rings, bracelets, and necklaces! They make the perfect party favor for birthdays, Halloween, and more. You can even hand them out for trick or treating!!
P1140570Glitzy Globes comes in a variety of starter kits and even display units. I will be sharing a full, detailed review post later this week on the Glitzi Globe Showcase that is perfect for upcoming Christmas gift-giving!

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Both the Trashies and Glitzy Globes were a hit as party favors for my son’s Halloween Party! They are the perfect size for any holiday or birthday party for party favors. It is a party favor that will be enjoyed for much longer than most party favors too. My son said the kids in his class now want to start collecting both the collectibles we gave out! They would also make fun stocking stuffers this Christmas!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Moose Toys who provided the products for review.

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