Play-Doh Twirl ‘N Top Pizza Shop Encourages Imaginative Play

picture of Play-Doh Twirl 'N Top Pizza Shop

My kids have always enjoyed playing with Play-Doh. I like it because it encourages imaginative play and is something fun to play with my kids. (It sure beats playing Dora & Esa or Tinkerbell & her friend for the trillionth time!) We have a good collection of Play-Doh playsets that keep us busy. We were delighted to be able to review the new Play-Doh Twirl ‘N Top Pizza Shop too.

Play-Doh Twirl ‘N Top Pizza Shop Review

My daughter Elizabeth enjoys cooking with me in the kitchen, she also enjoys making pretend food and having tea parties. She was so excited to open the Play-Doh Twirl ‘N Top Pizza Shop. Now, she can create her own pizza from crust to toppings to cutting and serving.

Whip up some delicious fun with this pizzeria set! Mold the perfect “crust” in the “oven,” grate “cheese” with the cheese sprinkler tool and then use the molds to create tons of “toppings.” Pile your “pizza” high, serve it and slice it ? then start all over again! How many different kinds of “pizza” will your pizzeria serve up?

A good pizza starts with a good crust. With the Play-Doh Twirl ‘N Top Pizza Shop, your child can bake their own crust. Simply add a ball of Play-Doh to the try, insert into the oven, and press down. You’ll have a flattened pizza crust with realistic looking indentations.

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Next, your child can add cheese and toppings. The cheese sprinkler rotates the pizza crust while dispersing small pieces of shredded cheese onto the pizza. I like how interactive this Play-Doh playset is.  There about a dozen different toppings your child can add to create their favorite pizza. Add pepperoni, meatballs, shrimp, broccoli, olives, mushrooms, peppers, and more.

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We ended up with a very supreme loaded pizza! Next, use the pizza cutter to cut perfect pieces of pizza. Use the pizza server to serve up pizza to everyone, including Dora and Esa. Yes, 1/2 way through our Play-Doh playdate, Elizabeth became Dora and I became Esa. We were preparing pizzas in our own pizzeria for Boots, the Big Red Chicken, and Binny. See what I mean, Play-Doh encourages imaginative play!

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This set is for kids ages 3 and up. Be sure they know not to actually eat the pizza, no matter how yummy it looks! 😉

Buy Play-Doh Twirl ‘N Top Pizza Shop

The Play-Doh Twirl ‘N Top Pizza Shop includes oven, cheese sprinkler, sprinkler handle, dish, server, cutter, pan, instructions and 3 two-ounce cans and 1 five-ounce can of PLAY-DOH Brand Modeling Compound. You can buy it on the Hasbro website, at stores nationwide,  or on for about $14.99. This is a great item for birthdays, Christmas, and other special days.


This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Hasbro who provided the product for review

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