Playtime with Play-Doh-Flip ‘n Serve Breakfast Review (Fun for Easter Baskets)

If you are looking for a cute, fun gift idea for your child’s Easter basket this year, look no further!  J-Girl and I had so much fun playing with the PlayDoh Flip ‘n Serve Breakfast set the other day! It was J-Girls first introduction to Play-Doh and it was a success!  I wasn’t so sure how it would go since they recommend ages 3+ but I thought if she was going to try it out with anyone-I wanted to be the one to do it.  We had such a fun time and it was so cool to see her try something new that promotes creativity and gross motor skills.

Picture of Play-Doh Flip 'n Serve Breakfast Set Contents
Play-Doh Flip 'n Serve Breakfast Set Contents

PlayDoh-Flip ‘n Serve Breakfast Review

When I cruise the toy section at Target I must admit I love to check out what new play sets they have.  They have some really creative and fun sets and I am so excited that J-Girl is now into Play-Doh.  I want to encourage her imaginative spirit in anyway I can so making time to play pretend with Play-Doh is the perfect activity. Right off the bat I was impressed at how easy setting up the set was, I only had to snap on the griddle lever and the smoothie presser and we were ready to cook!

picture of Making a fruit smoothie for daddy with Play Doh Flip n Serve
Making a fruit smoothie for daddy with Play Doh Flip n Serve

The Flip ‘n Serve Breakfast set lets your kids “cook up”  breakfast treats and features a griddle that really spins so that the kids can make pancakes or waffles along with eggs and hash browns.  There is also a fruit smoothie presser and a shape extractor that creates sausage links, bacon or whip cream for toppings.

On top of the handle and griddle lever are mini molds where you can press butter squares, strawberries and other fruit or even mold your own cereal shapes like stars and moons.  Along with the Play-Doh Flip ‘n Serve Breakfast set is a cute serving dish and utensils so that when your delicious breakfast feast is done you can enjoy it! (pretend of course) :)   After you are done enjoying the delicious breakfast that was prepared by little hands there is a great storage compartment under the shape extractor so you wont lose those utensils.

picture of J-Girl making mommy a yummy breakfast with Play Doh Flip n Serve
J-Girl making mommy a yummy breakfast with Play Doh Flip n Serve

I also am glad to see that the Play-Doh boxes have a built-in handle so that when playtime is over, J-Girl can carry her Play-Doh Flip ‘n Serve Breakfast set over to her play shelf until we have breakfast again-which will be soon I am sure!

Play-Doh Flip 'n Serve Breakfast with carrying handle

Buy Play-Doh Flip n Serve Breakfast Set

You can buy the Play-Doh Flip ‘n Serve Breakfast at your local Walmart, Target, Hasbro’s website or on for about $12.99.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Hasbro who provided the product for review.

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