Q Wunder: A Fun App That Builds Life Skills

These days Kids are all about their electronic devices. Kindles, Ipads, Cellphones, etc. I swear my 2 years old knows how to use my cellphone better than I can. We are always keeping our eye open for Apps that do more, mean more, and help us as parents. Q Wunder is at the top of our list! Thanks to EQtainment for such a fun way teach little ones.

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Who is Q Wunder?

As the super catchy theme song tells us, Q is an adorable, super smart, little monkey who tries hard but still has a lot to learn about life. Much like our little ones but, with the help of his friend Sophia, he learns and grows, as do our children.  My kids immediately took to Q, and now when Q makes a mistake they often tell me that have done the same thing in the past too. I love how relatable this little Monkey is. Q also has a family so he has to work on skills like sharing!

What Life Skills Will My Child Learn?

One thing that I really love about Q Wunder is that there is a short questionnaire you answer before your child starts having fun. So each child’s account is specific to their needs. Kiernan has been having a hard time staying on task and doing things when expected, so I pulled up his account and he watched Q get invited to NASA to work, but Q was having a hard time wanting to pack things he didn’t need and not wanting to stop playing his video game (a problem we sometimes have too.). It may seem like it’s just a cartoon but really our children are learning many skills, sharing, communication skills, kindness, responsibility and more.

Is there more than Apps?

Some of us parents are trying to stay away from letting our kids play on tablets and phones all the time. EQtainment gets it! They have a few really wonderful ways to keep Q Wunder around and teaching our kids while having TECH FREE fun. Kiernan is my high strung kiddo, he often needs to stop and take a deep breath and calm down. He has a stuffed bean bag like Q  that he can lay down on his chest and take some deep breaths to calm down (Q-time).  Scarlett loves our Q coloring book. Did I mention the catchy theme song? We love it and this App is all about great music. The music videos are wonderful and now we can enjoy the songs on the go with their first CD!

The Un-bored Game and a Read-a-long

Q’s race to the top is a tabletop game that your kids will love! It works on their  EQ (Emotional Quotient) as they help Q get to the top if his tree house by answering fun questions and doing fun actions! It’s a perfect family game, and we are all working on our life skills, Because who couldn’t brush up on them?  How awesome are read-a-longs, I remember having them as a kid and I love having this cd in the car so the kids can listen to all about Q’s wide ride on his hoverboard!

Help for Parents too!

Q Wunder offers the Parents Corner, a blog that offers loads of tips and guides to working with your kids. They cover a great variety of topics like example of bedtimes, how to work on their manners, ways to bond, how to help your kids find their passion, and so much more. My current favorites are 5 secrets to stopping the whine and 5 ways to teach Respect. Both gave me some new ideas on how to teach the kids what we expect from them. Scarlett is only 2 but, we can never start too young! You can also track each child’s progress and there are Podcasts just for Parents. You can download the Q Wunder app for Apple or GogglePlay. It’s $7.99 a month or you can purchase a years subscription for $64.99. Hop on over to the Q Wunder website to order all the other awesome goodies.


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